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Introduce Yourself / Welll hellooooooooo there.
« on: June 03, 2016, 15:40:50 »
Hello again everyone,
This is a bit of an odd "hello" post for some people who will read this.  ;)

So, let me tell you about myself. I'm from oop north in Manchester and I've been around the fandom for too long to mention, only recently starting to get back in to the groove of things after a crazy time IRL.

I've been around CFz for a very long time, in fact since before the con actually existed, as I'm the original con founder and was chairman from the get-go up to just before 2010s event. It's crazy how time has flown!

For the first time in years, I'll be able to attend next year and as it's the 10th one, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

I REALLY look forward to seeing all of you there, if we've met before or not. You'll see me around wearing /the/ one and only Brok tie!

Introduce Yourself / Times-a-changin'
« on: June 04, 2013, 21:41:47 »
Hey everyone,
I may be a familiar name to some of you reading this and if so, hello!

For those who don't know me, back at around the time of EF11 a handful of people banded about an idea to get a furry convention up and running in the UK.
The idea fizzled out unfortunately, but as it was so exciting, I started up a new group a few months later. This original group of gringos included (In no particular order) Lev, Exiled Wolf, Nidonocu, Leinir, Southpaw, Anthropuppy, Matt Lion and leading the helm was myself.

We set out with the aim to make the best, most professionally organised little convention with the spirit of fun running through everything we did.
That little convention ended up being attended by 136 people, staffed with a team of 17 highly dedicated people.

From then, as they say... the rest is history.

Since then, every single year the team has done a wonderful job, exceeding the expectations of every single attendee and making the best of the furry world shine through.

(That's the introduction over, but here's a little more)

In late 2009, I retired from running the convention and although I haven't been able to attend the past couple of years for various reasons, it has always been close to heart.

To see the event go from strength to strength brings a happy tear to my eye and I'm absolutely over the moon the team continues to do such a wonderful, dedicated job each year. This goes right down from the Chairman to the volunteers who each ensure the experience you get is the /best/ it can possibly be.

Long Live ConFuzzled!


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