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Announcements / Residential Registrations - Full!
« on: April 16, 2012, 14:40:46 »

This is to let everyone know that we are operating waiting lists for all room types now at the hotel. This means that if you register, you'll be put on a waiting list. Should your chosen roomtype become available (e.g. through someone having to cancel), then the person at the front of the waiting list will be offered that person's place. Please make sure you are ready to pay quickly if you're on the waiting list!

The waiting list is on a first-come-first-served basis per room type.

If by the 20th of April at 8pm you still haven't received an email confirming you've been offered a room, then we'll email you to let you know you've unfortunately not been successful. After this date, we can only do like-for-like transfers of memberships if someone who is already confirmed as attending is unable to attend. Therefore, you can choose to go "Attending Only" and either find accommodation elsewhere or keep an eye on the forums to see if anyone is looking to transfer their registration, or choose to cancel your registration.

It's simply amazing that we've managed to fill the venue in our first year there. Thank you everyone for supporting the convention - it'll be a blast!

Kind regards,


Announcements / Registration Closing Soon!
« on: March 15, 2012, 10:32:20 »
We hope you've bought your ConFuzzled 2012 tickets from the Box Office already! But if you haven't, time is running out! The Box Office will be closing on Friday the 20th of April 2012, at 8pm British Summer Time (see to find out what time this will be in your local timezone).

After this date, you will not be able to register for ConFuzzled 2012's residential registrations! So if you would like to stay at the wonderful Barceló Hinckley Island hotel, the venue for ConFuzzled 2012, you must make sure you register by then, and to make your payment in time for it to reach us by the deadline for your chosen payment method.

At this point in time, we will also lock down the ability to amend your registration. This includes convention badge pictures, so make sure you've uploaded your badge picture before the 20th of April!

After the 20th of April, we will still be selling our non-Residential registrations (i.e. Attending Only tickets) which will allow you access to the entire Convention - you would however need to find accommodation elsewhere. It is NOT possible to book directly with the hotel.

On the 18th of May 2012 at 8pm British Summer Time, registration will close completely for all ticket types. And just a few days later, we'll be welcoming you to ConFuzzled 2012!

Whilst we're talking about our registration... the red carpet will be rolled out earlier than in the past! For those of you that have chosen the "Early Arrival" option (and therefore arriving on Thursday 24th of May), registration at-con will be open Thursday evening between 8pm and 10pm. There's no need to wait til the Friday afternoon to register - you can show off your movie star status straight away! And on Friday, registration will be open from 10am. We wouldn't want to make the stars of ConFuzzled 2012 wait now would we?

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / ConFuzzled and EuroFurence Merger
« on: April 01, 2011, 01:30:32 »
We wanted to tell you about an exciting new development. Due to the success of ConFuzzled in the UK and EuroFurence in Germany, the directors of both organisations have agreed that it would be in the interests of development of social activities for furs to amalgamate into one pan-European organisation – EuroFuzzled!

EuroFurence is the most successful furry convention in Europe, with over 1,000 attendees attending in what is now its 17th year.

ConFuzzled is the most successful furry convention in the UK, with over 450 confirmed attendees in its fourth year.

Running a convention involves a lot of logistics and expertise, as well as time and commitment. In order to reduce costs and overlap, it is in the interests of both conventions to pool resources together. For example, it is inefficient for art show stands to be left idling in one convention’s storage space whilst the other convention is running and is in need of this sort of equipment. Or what is the point of having a convention badge printer for each convention when badges for both conventions’ attendees can be printed on the one machine? In addition, by using just the one registration system across both conventions, it means you will only need to register your common details (e.g. name, address) once. This means the time taken for you to register will be reduced!

So what will this mean? ConFuzzled will be known as EuroFuzzled – UK, and EuroFurence will change its name to EuroFuzzled – DE. You will undoubtedly already have noticed various changes around the website. However, there will be no changes to either EuroFuzzled – UK or EuroFuzzled – DE to you. No events scheduled will be changed, no changes will be made to the venue, or to what you’ve already registered and paid for. We will transfer your registrations automatically from the EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE registration systems into the combined system.

It is also important to stress that there will be no changes to how the conventions are run, until after EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE have taken place in 2011. Matt Lion will remain chairman of EuroFuzzled – UK and Cheetah will remain chairman of EuroFuzzled – DE.

We’re pleased with the way both EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE have grown over the last few years. It is only down to your support that we are able to continue offering great conventions. Thank you.

-All staff at both EuroFuzzled – UK and EuroFuzzled – DE


Give the gift of ConFuzzled this Christmas! You can now purchase gift vouchers for a ConFuzzled membership or upgrade. Trying to convince your partner to attend? Why not buy them a registration? How about purchasing a Sponsor upgrade for a friend or loved one?

How can you purchase these lovely gifts? Well, all you need to do is decide what it is you want to buy. Upgrades are priced at the difference between the two prices - so for example, upgrading a standard membership (£185) to sponsor (£235), the upgrade price is £50. The prices are all here:

Once you've decided, please fill in the following form:

If you have any problems, please contact the Registration Team by emailing registration at confuzzled dot org dot uk

Best wishes and have a very Merry Christmas from the ConFuzzled Family!

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / Roomsharing is Now Available
« on: November 29, 2010, 16:29:10 »
You're handed a small envelope, cream in colour with curving script on the front, with your name on it. On the reverse, a wax seal keeps the envelope closed. You know who this envelope is from - there is only one organisation that uses that stylised paw logo... Taking a deep breath, you open the envelope and read the neatly handwritten letter inside.

Dear Associate,

The Don is pleased to announce that those wishing to select their companions in order to share a room at the wonderful Britannia Country House Hotel for the Don's "ConFuzzled" celebrations in May 2011, can now do so.

All those who have chosen to stay at the Don's exquisite hotel venue (except for those staying in a room with a single bed), should log in to their registrations at and select the Roomsharing option to set up their roomshares.

The Don would like to remind you that should you have chosen a room type with more than one single bed, you will be required to share the room and if you do not select someone to share with, you will have someone allocated to your room.

On behalf of the entire Family, the Don looks forward to welcoming you to the Roaring Twenties at ConFuzzled in May 2011!

Yours sincerely,

The Don

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / ConFuzzled Attendee List Made Public!
« on: October 16, 2010, 17:47:46 »
Looks like we have a rat in our midst! The feds have obtained a list of codenames of those that are attending our Convention and revealed where they're coming from. We have no idea who this rat is, but rest assured, we'll be dealing with him or her in "our way". In the meantime, the feds have put it online here:

So if you're looking to attend and want to see if your friends are coming along too, best to take a look. And if you're coming but someone else you know isn't, go and poke them. Perhaps this rat has done us a favour after all!

Hey, got a message for you. Been told to keep it secret up til now, so nobody knows yet. It was given to me by the Boss. Yeah, that boss, the one you'd better not cross, capiche?

Seems like he's organising something for the 6th to the 9th of May 2011, mentioned you'd know what it's about. He told me to tell you that to attend, you gotta register beforehand. You probably already knew that, but I bet you didn't know that you will be able to register from Monday the 30th of August 2010, starting about 9am British Summer Time (which is GMT+1).

He says those looking to register as a Dealer for the Convention's Dealers' Den won't be able to do this just yet. He's delaying taking names for this to enable him to focus on the initial attendee registration rush more effectively. When Dealers' Den registration opens, you will be able to sign into your existing Attendee registration and add the required information at that time, so there is no need to delay registering for the convention!

So registration will open in about three and a half days. He'll let you know where to point your browser when registration goes live, or you can keep a watch on our website: This page will display the current status of our registration system as well as any special information relating to registration.

Now that I've done my job by telling you, it's your job to spread the word round. If we want to pull off this heist and take over the whole hotel, we've gotta get people registering and paying as soon as possible. It's what the Boss wants, and we don't want to disappoint the Boss now, do we?

Psst! You! Yes you! I've got summat to tell ya. The Family want you to join them at the Speakeasy called ConFuzzled 2011. You wanna be there? 'Course you do.

Word on the street has it that registration will open in the next two to four weeks. Remember, if you book and pay for your place before the 8th of January 2011, you'll get a cheaper rate than those that book afterwards. We need as many of you registering as soon as possible to ensure we can take over the whole place.

An informant will announce a more specific date and time soon, so keep your eyes an' ears out if you want in cheap, capiche?

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / Selling your ConFuzzled Ticket
« on: February 25, 2009, 19:38:43 »
Hi everyone!

It seems there has been some confusion about re-selling ConFuzzled tickets and I thought I'd clarify the details here, after I sought clarification too with the rest of the ConFuzzled staff. Hopefully this will sort out any confusion!

If you cannot attend ConFuzzled and would like to sell your ticket, you may sell it on to someone else. If you know someone to sell it to (e.g. you have a friend who would like to go), feel free to sell it to them. The process for this is below.

If you cannot attend ConFuzzled and would like to sell your ticket and do NOT know someone to sell it to, please consider selling it to someone on the waiting list. Please do this in preference to asking on UKFur Forums or ConFuzzled forums or LiveJournal or anywhere! We have people on the waiting list that have been waiting patiently for a ticket. Why go through the hassle of hunting someone down if we have people ready and waiting to buy your ticket?

To sell your ticket to someone you know:
Sort out the financial side of things between you. We won't get involved in the financial side here!
Email me at saying you're selling your ticket, and who you are selling it to.
The person you are selling to must then register for ConFuzzled in the usual manner.
Once they are registered, we will move them from the waiting list to the registration system and confirm their details. We will then also remove your registration.
Job done! Have some cake.

To sell your ticket to someone on the waiting list:
Email me at saying you're selling your ticket to whoever may be next on the waiting list.
We will confirm that we have someone on the waiting list, and we will add them to the registration system.
We will refund your payment once the newly registered attendee has paid OR 7 days after our email to you, whichever is soonest. But bear in mind that once we hit the "go" button, it may take some time to reach you if you originally paid via bank transfer or over-the-counter.
Job done! Have some cake.

If you have any queries, or want to discuss anything, or want to chuck in your tuppenny's worth, feel free to email me at - I won't bite!


-ConFuzzled Reg Team

I thought you might like to know some things about how last year's ConFuzzled stacked against this year's Further Confusion.

Attendees: 2587
Amount raised by the art show (both items that made it to auction and those that didn't): $43,541
Average spend per person at the art show: $16.83
Percentage of Fursuiters: 20.5% (based on the only data available: the number of fursuiters at the parade)

Attendees: 130
Amount raised by the art show for charity

Hi guys!

Now that we have a waiting list, we should remind everyone that payment is due within 48h of registering (those that registered in August received two weeks to pay, due to the initial problems with the registration system).

Due to the fact we now have a waiting list, we need to start culling registrations with outstanding balances that were registered more than two weeks ago. A reminder was sent to those registrations affected last Friday.

Can I please ask anyone who registered in August and has not paid to check their e-mail provider's Junk/Spam folder in case the reminder email was placed there by mistake?

Those registered in August who have not paid: please pay and notify us before Friday the 12th of September 2008.

Those registered in September who have not paid: you need to pay and notify us within 48h of registration.

You are also reminded to inform the registration team when you've made a payment. This is so we can link your registration and payment together. THIS IS ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT IF PAYING BY BANK TRANSFER OR AT A HSBC BRANCH as these payments take longer than 48h to process!

We really don't want to have to remove people from the registration system, because we want you all to attend. Without you, there wouldn't be a ConFuzzled 2009!

So please do make sure you have paid. If you have any queries (such as if you're unsure you've paid, or not sure of the payment information) then please contact me at the email address registration{at}confuzzled{dot}org{dot}uk


-Tungro, Registration Team

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / ConFuzzled Staff on Holiday!
« on: August 25, 2008, 11:38:15 »
Just to let everyone know that the majority of the ConFuzzled staff are attending Eurofurence, which takes place this week. Therefore, it will take us longer to respond to any queries you might have, plus it will take longer to process payments and also to process registrations. Please don't be alarmed - we'll be back in just over a week!

Also - any payments will be processed in the order they cleared. So you're better to pay whilst we're in Germany than to hold off until we're back.

For those of you attending EuroFurence, feel free to say hi to myself and the CF staff! See you there!

Introduce Yourself / Greetings from me!
« on: August 22, 2008, 22:49:39 »
Hi everyone!

I really should have done this last year, but I didn't get round to it! I know, bad otter!

Anyway! For those that don't know me... I'm the only otter on the staff list for Confuzzled! I'm in charge of the registration payment approvals this year (but not the reg system - Leinir - or the approval of the intial registrations - Furble) and of the registration table on the day. I'm also involved in managing the stage events! So I'm pretty much guaranteed to always be busy - however, please say hi if you do see me! I won't bite!

I'm a 9ft tall blue otter - not exactly conventional, I know! I'm originally Dutch (still am technically) but moved to the UK when I was 8 years old, and have been here ever since! I found the furry fandom in the UK in the summer of 2003, right before I went off to university! Went to my first London meet in September 2003, and have since been to Northern meets, Hants meets, London meets, MidFur meets, and to Eurofurence! Also am involved in the SpiritualFurs group on LiveJournal, and am a general lurker on the UKFur forums.

There's not really much more that I can think of putting here! I'm a nice guy ;)

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / An Apology From ConFuzzled
« on: August 01, 2008, 01:01:35 »

We'd like to apologise for how badly the registration process went this year, for ConFuzzled 2009. It's been as frustrating for us as it must have been for you! If you have registered, you will have received an email from the registration system with payment information. If you have not received it, and it's not in your Spam/Junk folder (please check there first) then please re-register. Registration has reopened.

We are currently working to resolve the issue with Google Checkout showing the wrong pricing information. If you would like to use Google Checkout (which we prefer!) then please hold off payment for the time being.

We are extending the deadline for payment by two weeks. This will not only give us time to correct the last remaining issues with the system and site, but will also give you a bit more time to breathe and not to panic!

Kind regards,

ConFuzzled Registration Team

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