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Events / CF 2012 Pawpet Video
« on: July 26, 2012, 08:44:46 »
Hi all,

thanks to Mikepaws and Hunterhusky I'm able to present to you the video of this year's pawpet show "Extraction".

You can download it here:

At this point I'd like to not only thank the video editors for this, but also take a second to thank the pawpet show team and their friends and loved ones for their work, patience and support to bring this show to life.

I'd also like to thank everyone who watched the show.. we could hear you guys laughing. It really kept us going, and to see you having fun is all we need as a reward for our work.

Best regards,

Introduce Yourself / Fairlight in the UK
« on: November 08, 2007, 21:21:36 »
(First.. I am not good with Intruductions... kinda feels like the Anonymous Alcoholics. And now ALL: HELLO FAIRLIGHT.. arf!)

Okies.. well..

I am Fairlight (probably guessed that much, so far)... a white lion. If anyone of the older furs know the old "Kimba" series.. that's it. More or less. Bit more anthro than that, but ... pretty close. Also available as "Fairlight Lake" on Secondlife.

Some might actually know me from Eurofurence, or might at least know about the Pawpet Show, which I started at EF6 and, since then, always played Poke, the ferret. (Guess Poke is more famous than I am, these days, hehe..)

I moved from Germany to the UK about half a year ago.. (which explains why this year's EF had no Poke in it..)

I am toying with attending ConFuzzled, mainly because it is quite near where I live now (Crewe, Cheshire).

Hmm.. what else do I do. Play the guitar, compose songs... (see the Furry Fantasies II CD, for example)...

Arf.. did I mention I am not good with introductions? Well, there you go ^.^


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