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Dealers Den & Art Auction / Re: Gaming Standees for Auction
« on: May 07, 2015, 15:48:28 »
We don't usually let standees into the artshow unless they're 100% for charity. The other standees you've seen in previous years were also all for charity.
The standees should preferably be furry related, or popular games that furries play. Also make sure you have a plan for getting some of them home if they are unsold.

Use the pre-registration form and use the company name as artist, that's fine.
Please make sure to submit a picture of each one as well, that'll allow us to have a look at them and let you know if there are any issues before the con :)

If you have any questions, please send to

Dealers Den & Art Auction / Re: Standees for Auction(?)
« on: April 08, 2015, 19:33:13 »
We'd love to get stuff for the charity :)

Just pre-register them for the art show (see the CFz webpage) and we'll put them in the 100% charity section. Please register them separate and make sure you also upload a picture of each one.
If there are any issues, we'll contact you.

Please also consider what you want to do with them if they don't sell.

Feedback / Re: Feedback of sorts!
« on: May 29, 2014, 14:34:15 »

Now this will probably be a section which will cause some drama.
I understand people want to auction off pieces of their art, whether it be an original piece or a limited print of something and some people want to keep most of the profits and donate a little to charity. I personally have no issues with this, but here's my complaint about it.
I think if a piece goes to live auction, regardless of how many bids it has gained before hand, I think for a piece of artwork to go to auction, the piece should have an absolute minimum of 20% to be accepted into the live auction. The main reason behind the CHARITY auction is that some of the money should go to charity. The live auction will attract a lot more bids on an item, generating more money to go to the chosen charity. As mentioned above, I have no issues with people submitting art and having a 5% or even 0 to charity, but I think if a piece is chosen to go to auction, it should be at least 20% or higher charity donation.

My complete and utter respect goes to those who give 100% to charity during the auction. :)

Thank you for your feedback. As you may have noted, the event is called Auction Live Bidding Show, and not a charity auction.
Our current policy is to change 0% items that go to live auction to 5%, which is around the equivalent of an administration fee for conducting such a live auction. We are indeed a charity organization, but we do not want to levy a tax on artists for submitting their work in the art show. Many of our artists rely on the income of their sales to pay for their stay at the con, or to save up money to go to another con. We find that our artists give generously to charity every year and we neither can nor want to make their donations feel forced in any way. Many of our artists also submit items with differing charity donations, so even if they have items in the art show at 0%, they may also have other items at 20%, 50% or more.
In general, artists also seem well aware that their charity donation percentage has an impact on the bidding prices for their items.

ConFuzzled provides free exhibition space for artists and potential exposure to a massive audience (this year we had over 1000 attendees), and judging by our charity figures for the art show every year, we are being repaid for our hard work by the artists' donations. ConFuzzled wishes to continue supporting our chosen annual charity as well as the furry artist community in general each year, and we find our current policy to be a good guideline for doing both.

Feedback / Re: Art Auction
« on: July 15, 2013, 16:00:42 »
We have censored the projected images since last year due to the number of complaints received in years when we haven't done so. It's also worth remembering that the hotel staff are also in the room, and they might not want to see it.

That may be so: but by doing so, you also make it impossible for me to bid on any piece like that.

(Why? I can't easily lift my arms above my head, thanks to long-standing injuries to both shoulders - so getting the piece over to me to see it just isn't an option.)

I'll ask now: will you be censoring the pieces next year? Only if you are, I won't be putting any pieces into the adult artshow, since I'm not willing to have them censored like that.

Due to the complaints we've received in the past for showing adult images on the projector during the live auction, our plan at the moment is to continue to censor pictures next year. We have been censoring pictures in the live auction for the past 2 years, so this is not a change from previous practice.

We will not censor the physical images being carried around at the live auction, nor will the artshow be censored either since we have a separate section for adult artwork and people can choose not to enter it. People don't have that choice in the live auction.

To help you at the live auction, I would suggest you bring a friend or ask the person seated next to you to raise their hand for you when you want to look at a piece close up.

Also, moving the dealers' den opening times so it's open for another day AFTER THE AUCTIONS CLOSE could only be a good thing, both for dealers and artists. (Going by the fact CF is running from Friday to Tuesday next year, maybe have the auction on Sunday evening, and re-open the den on Monday?) It's just a suggestion.

As long as the Dealer's Den is the only place large enough for us to do art pickup, it will need to close before the auction starts. We have been doing the live auction on the last day of the con to maximize the time the Dealer's Den can be open.

Feedback / Re: Art Auction
« on: June 10, 2013, 00:11:45 »
Thank you for your feedback, we will take it into account for next year.

Following feedback from last year criticizing the auction for being too long, we worked to shorten it this year. This was partly accomplished by increasing the number of bids in the silent auction. We are looking at other ways of accomplishing this, but our goal is that the live auction should not be much longer than it was this year.

We tried one year to construct the live auction for maximum fun, high charity cuts and exposing new raw talent as you suggest, and were massively criticized by the artists and the bidders for favoritism. Now we have a list of 10 bids and no favoritism, the bidders decide whether something goes to auction or not.
Talented artists having more people bid on their items is not favoritism, but the choice of the attendees.

Unfortunately we cannot have all 100% charity items going to live auction because it would run far too long.

As long as the Dealer's Den is the only place large enough for us to do the art pickup, for good reason it must be closed before the auction starts. The artshow is open for two days so the auction cannot be held earlier.

The closing of panel by panel process will be made clearer next year. It was marked as a separate event in the conbook and event schedule. It was also described as an event where you should show up to defend your bids, but we will try to make it clearer next year in the conbook.

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