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Title: Registration waiting times?
Post by: Onissarle on September 26, 2011, 13:07:26

I've got a quick question for the staff regardng my registration...

I registered on the 22nd and I'm still waiting for approval to be allowed to pay for my, and my partner's, places.  I've noticed the attending list is only showing 218 registrations, which is give or take what was announced for the first four days.  I've been given number 255, which is several dozen after the last listed registration and that was four days ago, so I expect more have been lining up since then.  Is this normal?

How long are we likely to be waiting for approval?

Title: Re: Registration waiting times?
Post by: LevLion on September 26, 2011, 15:30:05
Hi there,

Sorry you have been waiting our reg team try and process people every day or at least every other day, however this weekend all our reg team were away for celebrations and this probably enplanes why you have not yet been processed. I would assume they will be getting through the backlog in the next day so you should hear from us shortly.

As for the numbers implying a lot waiting, well your number is your registration number. The numbers you see on our lists are a count of registered people, not all registration numbers point to guests if for example someone cancels their reg number is not reused.

I will make sure the reg team know your waiting.

thanks for your question.
Title: Re: Registration waiting times?
Post by: Onissarle on September 26, 2011, 15:52:37
Thanks for the reply, it's just good to know there isn't some problem holding things up.  I had another question involving the arrangements for twin rooms, would you be able to give me some guidance on that?
Title: Re: Registration waiting times?
Post by: Nidonocu on September 26, 2011, 16:03:23
Given registrations need to be approved before we consider them valid, those who haven't yet been approved don't appear in our totals. A large number of people registered over the weekend and there is now a bit of a backlog!

Can you be a little bit more specific as to what you would like to know about Twin rooms?
Title: Re: Registration waiting times?
Post by: Onissarle on September 26, 2011, 16:23:02
From what I've read on the pricing page, it appears that twin rooms are treated the same as doubles, having two occupants by default.  Is that correct?

It says in the post to the main page that people in a twin room can choose to share with up to three people, making it four people to a twin room.  If this is done, how is pricing worked out?  Is each person still charged the full amount?  Does each person pay half?  Do the occupants work it out amongst themselves?

There didn't seem to be any further information about it other than an address to contact if you wanted to do it... but I don't know until I know how it works and can talk to the other folks that would be involved.  If it's just that everyone pays full price, it would make more sense to get two rooms and enjoy the extra space.
Title: Re: Registration waiting times?
Post by: RizzoRattie on September 26, 2011, 18:26:19
Hi Onissarle,

the rate this year was worked out on a per person basis instead of a per room basis, which means that unfortunately, if you opt to share a room with 3 other people using a twin room, you will all pay the same price regardless.  For this reason, we were originally not going ot offer this as an option, but last year recalled a group of furs that came from abroad that all wanted to room together and were unable too.  Therefore, we ensured the had rooms side by side. 

In order to accomodate any sorts of requests similiar to that this year, this is why we have offered the 4 in one twin room option.  However, it is by special arrangement, and you do have to liaise with the reg team to have it set up.  Next year, dependant on the uptake of it this year, and demand on the hotel space, we will consider re-negotiating the terms on the rooms so that we can get a preferential rate for those sharing wiht more than one person but unfortunately this year, we have no room for flexibility on it.  Sorry about the inconvenience.

Kind Regards,

Venue Liaison
Title: Re: Registration waiting times?
Post by: Onissarle on September 26, 2011, 20:31:27
Many thanks for the clarification.