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Discussion / Lost Property
« on: June 19, 2016, 21:41:15 »
Dear all,

ConOps received an amount of lost property at the convention this year, which has now been sorted and catalogued.  If you lost something at the con, please have a quick look in this list.  If there's an item there that you believe might be yours, please email with a description of the item to validate your claim.

Item NoYearItem Name
762015Grey zip-up jumper
772015Illuminated Lanyard
782015ConFuzzled Carrier Bag
792015Partial Conpack
802015Meelo Fux Conbadge
812015Kaoru Conbadge
822015Kawaii Fox Badge
832015Danger Badge
852015Scots Kilt-Pin
862015Toni Conbadge
872015Deer Badge
882015Goat Badge
922015Grey zip-up hoodie
952015Microphone wind shield
962015Black Hoodie
972015Blue Hoodie
982015Engineered for you T-shirt
992015Under-armour Heat Gear Shirt
1012015Single Glove
1022015Sports Sock
1042015Hip Flask
1072015Wooden Stick
1092015Single Glove
1102015Under-armour Shorts
1112015Black thing
1132015White Fur
1142015Blue Fur Wristband
1152015Green Paper Bag
11620152015 Brok Soft Toy
1172015Googly Eyes
1192015USB A to Mini B cable
1202015USB Lightning Cable
1212015Slicker Brush
1232015Fridge Magnet
1242015Fridge Magnet
1252015Key Ring
1262015Lens Cap
1272015Fox Button Badge
1282015Viewfinder Cowl
1292015Key Ring
1302015Game Piece
1312015Tiger Figurine
1332015NFC Button Badge
1352016Dog Tag
1372016Brown paper bag
1382016Zip-up hoodie
1402016Zootopolis T-Shirt
1422016Prickles Bag
1432016Sponsor Conpack
1442016Pens and Pencils
1462016Black Cloths
1472016Brown Cap
1502016Black Wolf Ears
1512016Anatomy Practice
1532016Power Cable
1542016Nintendo DS Charger
1552016Nintendo DS Charger
1592016Paper Fan
1602016Bear Badges
1622016Illuminated Wristband
1632016DIY Snood
1642016Garnet Poster
1652016Wedding Invite
1682016Black Claw
1702016Soft Pouch
1712016Felt Badge
1722016Artificial Flower
1732016Pokémon Lanyard
1742016Artificial Poo
1752016LED Glow Stick
1762016Game Pieces
1772016Artificial Flowers
1802016Giant Hairbands
1812016Lens Cap
1822016Lens Cap
1832016Lens Cap
1842016Cards Against Furmanity Card
1852016Themed Key-Cards
1862016Fairy Lights
1872016Laminated Heart
1892016Reward Token
1902016Headphone Adapter
1912016Small Bell
1922016Pink Paw-Pad
1932016Pokémon Figurine
1942016Dog Pin Badge
1952016Black Paw-Pad
1962016Vampire Badge
1972016Blue Paw-Pad
1982016Blue Fur
2002016Micro SD card
2032016Scrap Book
2042016Paper Craft Broks
2052016A3 Prints
2082016Bird Conbadge
2102016Rags Conbadge
2122016Affection Plox Conbadge
2132016Snitch Conbadge
2142016Fox Conbadge
2162016White reindeer con-badge
2172016Isabella Conbadge
2182016Train Ticket
2192016Prey badge
2202016Dragon Button Badge

Items are currently being returned by post.  There is a small fee associated with this to cover costs (87 to 95p is typical for a conbadge).


Discussion / Re: Lost and Found?
« on: June 19, 2016, 21:24:18 »
Hi James.

I've been putting together a list of all the lost property that was collected by ConOps during the convention, which I will put up as soon as I have figured out a way of pasting it from Excel into the forum.

With respect to your conbadge, please could you email with a description?


Discussion / Re: Lost Dragon Necklace
« on: June 08, 2015, 23:25:22 »
Hi Amethyst,

I've checked through the lost property and I haven't found an item matching that description. Your best bet now would be to contact the hotel.


Feedback / Re: Confuzzled 2015 Pros and Cons
« on: May 29, 2015, 00:47:09 »
- Minor annoyance was realizing the ice bath was still available past midnight at the dead dog party. Again I was misinformed that it would not be available for the DDP evening dance so I didn't plan on dancing and suiting that late. Arrangements should be made so that it is available througout the con as it does significanly extend your endurance to fursuit.

Tips for the icebath users: please place the packs neatly sideways in rows next to each other. This way everyone can easily insert new packs and find their frozen packs. Perhaps a photo instruction of this should be placed next to the bath.
We had some problems with individuals storing their PCM inserts in the charge cooler. This caused it to ice up as the water inside couldn't move about. Some inserts even became frozen to the pipework! In the end I started pulling the worst offenders' inserts out and dumping them on the side so that the cooler remained usable.

To everyone who uses the fursuit facilities, please, please, please don't monopolize them - they're for everyone.

What else... Ceilson Furblade was an amazing addition this year. Darn thing nearly blew my contact lenses out, but it certainly was refreshing.

Feedback / Re: Headless Fursuiters...
« on: June 05, 2013, 19:28:39 »
It's my opinion that, as the suits are private property of private individuals, they are within their rights to wear them however they please, within the bounds of common decency of course. Sure, it upsets some people seeing others wearing incomplete suits, but there's no mystery that there's anything other than a human being inside one. At least, there's no mystery to anyone over the age of six.

Yes, we should be talking about this. Yes, we could make said fursuiters aware of how we feel on the issue. No, we shouldn't be making rules; nothing beyond rule eight anyway.

Feedback / Fursuit Lounge
« on: June 05, 2013, 14:21:02 »
Yesterday I received the following feedback regarding the fursuit lounge:

1) It would be useful to have one or two full length mirrors so that suiters can check their appearance on the way out the lounge.

2) Regular clothes rails to store dry/unworn suits on.

3) Shelves or tables to place heads and paws on (these were being stored on the chairs so there was nowhere to sit!).

4) Regular checks by a member of the fursuit team to include removing dry suits from the drying machine (and put on to the hanging rails). Fursuiters should be doing this anyway as storing your suits on the drying machine is very selfish.

5) Dehumidification: this vastly decreases drying time, both of suits and of suiters resting in the lounge. It also prevents fursuit-funk and has been used on at least one occasion to raise money for charity.

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