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Title: Hybrid Creatures
Post by: Feera Fox on January 13, 2017, 11:49:24
Dear Souls,
Just a question, has any fur come across in furry spiritual practices dare
I say it a Female Motherly "Dragon Bunny"?, I've been doing my research
but nothing has come it even when I Google fursuits,

I may not be able to afford CF with my life at this current time, but my heart is
smiling at all my friends also I hope the good otter is doing well, my blessings also
go out to HHP, rorsch fox, the rat of rice, fat kracken, and all the many numerous souls
too many to list that have really made my confuzzled's happy, and not for getting
uncle kage, who I still think, thinks foxes are sooo innocent (hee hee) have and
wonderful 2017.

yours in light always