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Off-Topic / New mascot ?
« on: May 31, 2015, 21:02:46 »
R.I.P Brok - All Hail our new Mascot: Rover the Red Ball ^^'/

Feedback / Re: Confuzzled 2015 Pros and Cons
« on: May 31, 2015, 14:57:51 »

<pedant> PAT is not a legal requirement. It is however a requirement of the hotel and the con insurance policies. </pedant>
Point still stands that it is a major timesink to have this done. As at previous years have had to change plugs on numerous items due to poor wiring.
As a PAT tester in a previous life it's 20 items an hour..... IF all those are laid out in a row, plugs out and have a PERFECT condition.

PAT code of practice also lays out that portable "site" equipment. I.E. the sort that I'd classify as gaming room stuff (as it moves around lots) should be visually inspected before each use. Once again, tying up valuable staff.

So yeah. Join up ^_~

Wow, surprised that this one is a requirement - and for all equipment used at the con? I work at an electronics lab and we do PAT testing for everything that comes thought the door for inspection or repair and again afterwards if we have to service them. But I'd be hesitant to join as I'm concerned as to how that would effect my con experience. What are the TOS for crew?

~ Sincererely
Avionics Technician
Finnish Airforce

Discussion / Re: Smoking outside the entrance
« on: May 28, 2015, 21:21:50 »
Yes we are moaning about the 'one place' because after all it is the main entrance to the hotel where everyone meets, gathers, want to take photos etc. So the 'one place' where smokers can smoke should be somewhere else - anywhere else that isn't so central and important to the rest of the attendees.

Now you are absolutely right that nothing will change by just moaning and enforcement isn't the solution - after all we should all have fun - even the fursecuted smokers >;3 Your suggestion about the marquees outside on the parking lot with perhaps a set of deck chairs and a table would easily attract the smokers to socialise comfortably together and doesn't require great expense or organization. In fact if we non-smokers moan enough you smokers might actually get your comfort zone for next year ^^'  8)

Feedback / Re: Confuzzled 2015 Pros and Cons
« on: May 28, 2015, 20:46:19 »
As a first timer at CFz I can only compare this to EF and various smaller cons. It was great, perfect!

I was actually surprised how well everything was organized and yet how relaxed the organizers seemed to be - at least that is how it looked to us the con-goers - everything seemed to run smoothing thoughtout ^^'/

Here's some tips for improvement:

- I would've liked to attend the Tea Party but got conflicting info on the times when the tickets should've been bought and was instructed to come back to reception later. Upon returning I was then told they were no longer selling them. Tickets for separate events should be sold as part of registration or at least at the registration table.

- The smoking outside the main door wasn't nice. I'm especially sensitive to tobacco smell (but expensive cigar or pipe smell is actually nice ^^') - makes me want to vomit which is not good if you're in a fursuit :/ It would perhaps help if the smoking area was clearly marked which large signs pointing to it.

- Minor annoyance was realizing the ice bath was still available past midnight at the dead dog party. Again I was misinformed that it would not be available for the DDP evening dance so I didn't plan on dancing and suiting that late. Arrangements should be made so that it is available througout the con as it does significanly extend your endurance to fursuit.

Tips for the icebath users: please place the packs neatly sideways in rows next to each other. This way everyone can easily insert new packs and find their frozen packs. Perhaps a photo instruction of this should be placed next to the bath.

The hotel should get some serious feedback on quality management: I had issues and heard from others that such basic things like rooms having lights broken, taps and showers not working properly were commonplace. The so-called wellness center had even worse maintenance issues with exactly half their shower heads 'out of order'. It reminded me of the internet meme 'You had one job!' - major hotels like the Hilton should have such simple and cheap fixes made immeadiately.
I'm a mechanic by trade and I could hear and see that the door mechanisms of the lifts needed a throughout overhaul. Again they should have a 24/7 service agreement for them as it is pretty significant part of their business to have working lifts.

Other than that the hotel staff were very helpful and friendly, perhaps little unprepared for our deluge and ability to consume products from their bar ;3 I hope they learn to prepare for next time - it's more business for them ^^'

Discussion / Re: ConFuzzled Photo's
« on: May 28, 2015, 19:57:08 »
My photo's are here ^^'/

password is 'cofnuzzled' xP

PS: please link any photos or video of Tinka to me ^^'

Introduce Yourself / Re: Tinka & Feligris
« on: May 15, 2015, 12:17:10 »
Our first Confuzzled! ^^'

Also this >:3


Introduce Yourself / Tinka & Feligris
« on: May 15, 2015, 05:47:10 »
Hi, we are Tinka & Feligris from Finland (not related) ;3

We'll be flying direct to BHX, arriving early and staying late for all the fun >:'3

See u all soon ^^'/

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