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Feedback / Reverse feedback from the security team
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:26:46 »
No, this topic is not meant serious, but I wondered, why there shouldn't be feedback from the organisers towards the attendees too. :3

This convention was one of the smoothest of my career and a good part of that was due to very friendly and understanding attendees.

It was a lot of fun to party with all of you and we can't wait to see you again next year!

Btw, our MI:3 security team has a traditional song for the end of each convention we serve, and that is "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton. We usually sing this during the last evening. I thought I share our version with you. :D

PS: please don't take offense in the lyrics it's just our terrible humour. ;3

This was ConFuzzled
I'm making a note here: huge success
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
M.I.C. Catface
We do what we must
Because we can
For the sake of all the furs,
Except the ones without badge

But there's no sense crying over ev'ry thing we see
If they we'd enjoy the convention
We would get PCD
So we just burn us out
While controlling the crowd
So our attendees can stay alive

We're not even angry
We just want to sleep for weeks right now
Eventhough the feedback lurks
To kill us
And tear us to pieces
And tell us how bad we were again
We're sorry but we still can't change
The carpet pattern for you

Now these sponsors queueing make a beautiful line
Cause we wait for the stage team, we'll be never on time
We're just glad nothing burned
Think of all the rumours heard
From the attendees that are still alive

Go ahead and party
We will be here if you need help
Even if you puke all over Kage
Maybe you'll clean that
That was a joke
Haha. Fat chance
Anyway, we're still awake
To bring you into bed

Now you ask why we do this
If we don't get any pay
But we're just dedicated
To give you a safe stay
No we don't need no stuff
Cause your smile is enough
To keep that drive deep in us still alive

We saw much shit but we are still alive

Maybe tomorrow we'll still be alive

We're injecting Monster to stay alive

And when we die, we'll be brought back to life

As long as you enjoy this we will be alive

To keep your tail safe, we will stay alive

Still alive

Still alive

Hear ye, hear ye!

Valued guest! Confuzzled is growing rapidly and while it is just a grand feeling to spread the fun of the convention among more and more people, this growth forces every team to increase to fulfill the demands.

For that reason the Confuzzled security team is recruiting new members. If you want to join the team and if you think you....

  • speak English more or less fluently,
  • ...have distinctive social skills,
  • to work directly with other guests,
  • ...are highly reliable,
  • ...have a calm demeanor,
  • ...are level headed,

and have at least attended one other convention before, you are what the security team is looking for!

The work as a security officer at the convention takes quite a few skills as you can see. But it also is the one team, where you meet a lot of new people every day, you get a glance behind the scenes of the convention and many other benefits. Though the biggest of them all would be: You help the very convention and therefore every single guest!

The duties of a security officer at Confuzzled include:

  • Being approachable for any problem a guest might have
  • Enforcing the code of conduct and the rules of the hotel
  • Establishing checkpoints and doing a few hours in total of scheduled guard duty*
  • Managing queues and keeping an open eye for trouble
( *Duty-rosters respect the officers personal wishes and shifts are spread over the entire course of the convention. That means that you will not miss the events you want to attend. ;))

Still want to join the team? Great! Just apply via e-mail to

Thank you for your interest!

PS: Come to us, we have green cookies!

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