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Discussion / Re: Smoking outside the entrance
« on: May 28, 2015, 16:53:04 »
Hello James and thank you for your feedback.

As a non-smoker I can understand your frustration very well, especially as there aren't that many smokers at the convention. This year we enforced the rules stricter than last year but it seems to be a fruitless effort. As I do not want to believe that some smokers blatantly ignore the rules I assume that they are just not formulated clear enough. E.g. what is meant with "left and right of the entrance". We tried telling people to smoke outside of the roof above the entrance and checked regularly. But when we came back 10 minutes later people were smoking right next to the entrance again.

I agree with you that this is a problem that seems to come with large events in the hotel. Yes, of course we could enforce these rules stricter, but I would rather find a compromise we can all live with. I respect the smoker's right to smoke but there is actually law stating that is is prohibited to smoke close to the entrance to a public building. And yes, we could keep the door closed, but then the lobby would become unbearable warm and fursuiters need to be able to walk outside without running through a cloud of smoke.

You see this is a rather complex problem, but I can assure you that we hear this feedback a lot again this year and we will look into a solution for next year, be it to allow smoking only at the back entrance, strict enforcement of the rules, setting up a small marquee for smokers away from the entrance, etc.

What I would really welcome would be the constructive input from smokers and non-smokers: What are your ideas to solve this issue? What would be a compromise you all could live with?

Discussion / Re: Non Residental Sponsor Pass
« on: April 25, 2015, 22:46:53 »
Okay! What time does the last events normally finish? Sorry, im new to this!

Don't worry, we're here to help. The latest event ends around 02:00-02:30AM (due to license reasons amongst others). Here you find the timetable:

Discussion / Re: Non Residental Sponsor Pass
« on: April 25, 2015, 22:08:48 »
Hi there!

Non-Residential passes end with the last scheduled event. So about half an hour after the last event of the day ended you'd have to leave technically. Most important is that you don't stay overnight in hotel rooms! And please no sleeping in public. ;3

Announcements / Re: security openings, apply now!
« on: January 01, 2015, 12:33:28 »
For 2015 we have 8 open positions due to team expansion!

Interested? Apply now at

Discussion / Re: Buying a pass for a friend as a gift
« on: December 31, 2014, 14:51:32 »
I'm not from the Reg department but of course you can pay the ticket for someone else. Maybe there's even a more elegant solution but I don't know how long it'll take for the Reg team members to sober up and answer after tonight. ;D

Happy new year!

Discussion / Re: Dates and stuff
« on: November 09, 2014, 11:54:10 »
Id like to know the date for the end of registration or rough idea cus im currently working on digigrade wolf fursuit and its taking me longer than first thought to finish, should get it done just don't know when reg is closed.I know the rooms go quickly im after a single room but how quick am i better off registrating now and hope i get the suit finished time but what happens if i book it and dont have it ready, and im already booked in as a fursuiter. im 26 Bournemouth lad looking for some answers??

Registration will close a few weeks before the convention which is traditionally held in May. But it doesn't matter whether you register as a fursuiter or not. This is mainly used for statistical purposes and nobody will care of your suit isn't finished in time,  don't worry.

PS: Please try to use punctuation in your posts as it's really hard to read else. :3

Hello and thank you for your feedback! We value your opinion and will make sure to work on problems you point out.

Consistency of admissions policies:

There seemed to be some kind of issue with consistently applying rules of what was permitted into some places. Again, not the end of the world, it just held us up at times a little. For example, in the art show we went in as a group of four, two with tails — one was asked to remove the tail, the other told it was okay! I'm sure it'll be sorted out next year just by giving those working the door a checklist or similar.

Actually, our checkpoints at the convention had checklists for exactly that reason. The problem is, that they are logical to us, but I can see that some of the decisions may seem odd to some attendees. The reason why one person is asked to remove the tail and the other is not is rather simple: The size/stiffness of the tail is the criteria. You see, the Art Show crew (or the Dealer's Den crew, Nightclub and so on) gives us their instructions what we allow in and what we don't. Now our instructions were "Keep big/stiff/long tails out, to avoid them swishing down exhibits in accident".

Now the threshold for "too big" is hard to determine and I can only assume, that the security guard on duty deemed one of the tails as too large for the room and the other as okay.

May I offer my sincere apologies if this caused any inconvenience to you or your friends.


Wow, lots! A very visible presence! At first, I'll have to say I was somewhat intimidated, but I think when they were trying to clear paths I just happened to be right next to whoever was making the announcement, so got it particularly loud! But after getting used to everyone around,it seemed like you were really looking out for us.

Again, I apologise if you felt intimidated. I know that a group of security guards can look a bit threatening, especially if they don't smile since they are in stress, trying to get a clean queue.

Now I vow that I would never tolerate any member of my team to be intimidating or even impolite to any of our attendees, but like I just explained, there are situations, where a bunch of security come together in a single space.

If I understand your feedback correctly, you seemed to feel safer though, once you got used to their presence? Our highest goal is to ensure our attendees fun and well being. They are all furs themselves and the most important thing I demand of them is polite, helpful and friendly behaviour. Please do not hesitate to tell me if you felt threatened by any member of my team or if you encountered any of them being rude.

Again, I apologise, if this caused any inconvenience.

Feedback / Re: Nightclub last admittance policy
« on: June 02, 2014, 22:09:26 »
Re: the 15 minute rule;

Why do we even have this rule? We've never done it before, so why now? O.o?

Because the security team has been instructed to do so. This rule will be dropped next year, we can stop ranting about it now. ;)

Feedback / Re: It seems that somebody didn't like us.
« on: June 01, 2014, 11:41:37 »
Okay folks, I think we discussed this topic back and forth for long enough. I asked you to try and stay objective but obviously there isn't any more to say about this. Topic closed.

Feedback / Re: Nightclub last admittance policy
« on: May 31, 2014, 21:07:23 »
I've seen people talking about how several members of security showed up to small events like suspected smoking in rooms, also an attendee being threatened to have their camera taken from them for taking photos near the pool without really realising. Like I said I was in fursuit and trying to have fun so didn't run and grab a piece of paper to jot names down. I understand that you can't investigate further without names but like I said, I thought it was worth mentioning that some members of security were lacking in social skills and could have worded things a little better at times is all. Especially with the misunderstanding of the nightclub admittance policy. If it was actually written on some paper on the door it would have been much easier to point it out or read it to a suiter asking why they can't be let back in rather than replying with "we've been told we can't let people in"

I am really thankful for security though, and I know they have a very difficult job at the convention keeping everything running and everyone safe.

I will try and address appropriate behaviour among my team more in depth from now on. Thank you for your feedback, we will act accordingly. :)

Feedback / Re: Nightclub last admittance policy
« on: May 31, 2014, 20:32:03 »
I know for fact I asked security on the nightclub door if I could come in with a foil helium balloon tied to my tail and they asked crew in the nightclub (Axle) a totally different question (untethered balloon) As me and Axle spoke about it afterward. Have no idea what that was about. I found security this year to be very over the top with a lot of things especially the admittance and restriction policies. It was intimidating sometimes and maybe they could have worded things better. There is a big difference between. "I'm really sorry, if you leave you cannot go back in as we have an admittance policy, you can see it written here on the door of the nightclub" and "You're not coming back in please step away from the doors"

Hello Pizza,

if what you claim happened, I am sorry for this and I'd like to apologise on behalf of the team member in question. However I have to mention, that your experience stands in strong contrast to all other feedback we had so far. Therefore I'd like to investigate this incident further if you'd be so kind to inform me about names and times. Of course I will also seek clarification with Axle.

If you prefer, you can give me the necessary information in a PM as well of course.

I understand it's hard to take note of who comes in and who goes out of the night club but i'd like to think security can take note of someone in suit wearing a maids outfit, standing next to them in the make shift fursuit lounge for 30 seconds, then trying to get back inside. Pretty notable attire tbh XD And I didn't exactly do a lap of the con space and then try to get back in. In the end I know a lot of suiters got pissed with security being so over the top and started using the side door to go between fursuit lounge and dance which involved stepping over wires and equipment. Securitys general attitude has been brought up several times. Seems they were doing their job correctly but might need a bit of work on the social aspect of things, like I said, working things a little better.

I know I should have taken notes of names and passed them on. But I was in fursuit, it was the last dance, I was having fun with my friends. I didn't exactly have a pen and paper to hand. It wasn't a con ruining moment so I just got a little peeved off then moved on TBH It's worth flagging in my opinion only because i've seen other people noting securitys general attitude.

Again, what you report doesn't match the feedback we got back so far. If there were issues like this, then please name the security operatives in question or at least tell me the names of those other suiters that you mention.

Like this, we got no detail information at all.

Feedback / Re: It seems that somebody didn't like us.
« on: May 31, 2014, 19:50:51 »
Folks, I can see why some of us might be upset about this feedback, but please end the discussion here or at least keep it objective.

This person is a single individual and there won't be any effect on our convention. No matter what you might think about this, please don't spam this thread with off topic or even threatening posts. I hate to moderate. :3

Feedback / Re: What is it with the lack of chairs?
« on: May 30, 2014, 00:21:01 »
Did you not do the EF bum hardening program? 3 hour puppet show sat on a hard wooden bench really toughens the buns! :)

The last time we had that was EF 13 if I remember correctly...

And I congratulate you on 6 chair filled years! :) Though by that reckoning Confuzzled should be numbing bums for another 6 years yet! :)

As forum moderator I gotta ask you to stay on topic and refrain from provocations like this. Please keep the discussion fair and objective.

Feedback / Re: What is it with the lack of chairs?
« on: May 29, 2014, 23:27:13 »
Did you not do the EF bum hardening program? 3 hour puppet show sat on a hard wooden bench really toughens the buns! :)

The last time we had that was EF 13 if I remember correctly...

Feedback / Reverse feedback from the security team
« on: May 29, 2014, 01:26:46 »
No, this topic is not meant serious, but I wondered, why there shouldn't be feedback from the organisers towards the attendees too. :3

This convention was one of the smoothest of my career and a good part of that was due to very friendly and understanding attendees.

It was a lot of fun to party with all of you and we can't wait to see you again next year!

Btw, our MI:3 security team has a traditional song for the end of each convention we serve, and that is "Still Alive" by Jonathan Coulton. We usually sing this during the last evening. I thought I share our version with you. :D

PS: please don't take offense in the lyrics it's just our terrible humour. ;3

This was ConFuzzled
I'm making a note here: huge success
It's hard to overstate my satisfaction
M.I.C. Catface
We do what we must
Because we can
For the sake of all the furs,
Except the ones without badge

But there's no sense crying over ev'ry thing we see
If they we'd enjoy the convention
We would get PCD
So we just burn us out
While controlling the crowd
So our attendees can stay alive

We're not even angry
We just want to sleep for weeks right now
Eventhough the feedback lurks
To kill us
And tear us to pieces
And tell us how bad we were again
We're sorry but we still can't change
The carpet pattern for you

Now these sponsors queueing make a beautiful line
Cause we wait for the stage team, we'll be never on time
We're just glad nothing burned
Think of all the rumours heard
From the attendees that are still alive

Go ahead and party
We will be here if you need help
Even if you puke all over Kage
Maybe you'll clean that
That was a joke
Haha. Fat chance
Anyway, we're still awake
To bring you into bed

Now you ask why we do this
If we don't get any pay
But we're just dedicated
To give you a safe stay
No we don't need no stuff
Cause your smile is enough
To keep that drive deep in us still alive

We saw much shit but we are still alive

Maybe tomorrow we'll still be alive

We're injecting Monster to stay alive

And when we die, we'll be brought back to life

As long as you enjoy this we will be alive

To keep your tail safe, we will stay alive

Still alive

Still alive

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