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Room & Transport Sharing / Looking for roomie
« on: February 06, 2016, 20:09:56 »
Hi Here am Cerebus and am looking for a good roomie for CFZ16 since my last roomie last year didn't give me respect and decide to bring someone around while I was resting and made the room a shithole so am after a roomie who would respect my rules and would respect yours,

I would like male or female
don't mind which sexuality you are
early arrival and late depart
Friendly, honest, clean, tidy, respectful.

am friendly, respectful, clean, tidy, honest,
am a snorer
I tend to stay up till about 3 am
I will respect your rules
I will tell you if my friends have been in the room just in case something goes missing
If I have anyone in the room which I want private time with I will put the Do not disturb sign on the door to let you know but if you need to come in knock on the door
I will not bring anyone to the room when your sleeping or resting same rule apply with putting the DND sign
I never steal from anyone
I clean up after myself

My room rules are so, please....
Don't be a dick
Pick cupboard or draws please don't use em both, you greedy git!
don't put your dirty clothes on my bed or my side of the room,
Please shower
don't leave dirty clothes on the floor in the bathroom after you had shower or bath
if you want to bring your friends around please let me know because if stuff goes missing then I know who been in my room
if am sleeping or resting please do not bring anyone to the room to party or other stuff because it happen last time while I was resting and it was disrespectful
don't do steal my snacks or drink unless you asked, (but don't be cheeky)
please clean up after yourself when you had fun because stepping on something gooey in the dark it not nice,

so if any of these rules are broken you will be reported to Con ops, simple as that,

thank you for reading

all the best

Cerb x

Introduce Yourself / Hi here :p
« on: January 27, 2014, 18:05:14 »
Hi guys for those who don't know me am Cerebus  i been in the fandom for 9 years :p, i am a Dalmatain, but you mostly see me wearing Riker around the con, i been going to cf since they started in Manchester, i been to 5 cfs had to miss out last year, but i be here this year! i am hoping to make new friends and see old friends too, so if you wanna hug me in suit look out for this guy (well it me)

I hope you see you all at cf and can't wait to suit up :p

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