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I put this message on the UKfurs forums as well, basically copied it here because it pretty much says anything. If you do have a UKfurs account, please, reply to it there:

And yes, I've already contacted the registration manager about this, it's in the channel waiting for me to find someone to give this reservation to.

Hello people,

The one I've been intending to share my room with has unfortunately had to cancel his stay, and has transfered the account handling to me (since I gave the ticket to him through vouchers to begin with).

Anywho, it's a room booking for a double room, Friday through Tuesday (yes late departure), residential. Normal price is 260 GBP, I'm selling for 220 GBP. The booking can be changed in contact with the registration manager, until the 20th of this month. I'll be doing that anyway since I prefer to share my room with someone I do know personally.

Payment can be done through Paypal or direct international bank transfer, details to be mentioned when transfer is agreed uppon.

Due to the limited time before it has to be finalized, I will consider serious bids (I will not sell for 1 GBP >.>).

To sum it up:
- Double room
- Residential
- Late departure (Monday - Tuesday)

If you're interested, please send me a message here. I'll look there daily.

~Diamond Dragon

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