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Title: New fursuit partial advice
Post by: SFW on October 26, 2010, 18:55:18
Hi everyone, in order to break into fursuiting and gain some experience I have picked up a second hand partial suit which I shall definately be wearing to Confuzzled next year. I've had some experience dealing with fursuiters and first aid for them, but what I am after is more suiting advice and any tips for beginners.

As it's a partial I won't have the need to wear an under layer, but for future reference, what do you use as a body layer? I've seen things that look almost like spandex, but am not certain as to what it is.

Anything you can suggest would be most welcome!
Title: Re: New fursuit partial advice
Post by: RizzoRattie on October 26, 2010, 21:46:39

with regards to what people wear under their fursuits, very commonly, people do indeed wear lycra/spandex type material - think bicycle shorts.  The aim of wearing this type of material is to keep the wearer cool, as it absorbs the sweat and helps ventilate your body, but also it keeps the fur mostly dry, so it does not become unappealing to people that want to hug you etc.. In addition to this, by making sure very little sweat passes through onto the fur fabric itself, it aids in keeping it cleaner, and smelling fresher.

This is subject to opinion of course.  I for one do not wear spandex/lycra under my suit.  I have special made short paddings that emphasise Rizzos hips, and this material itself is super absorbent.  I also wear a vest type padding - a material designed to wear when sleeping - it lets the body breathe, keeps you cool, but again also absorbs all the sweat.

Some people opt to wear nothing underneath, but its a guarantee that when they start to sweat, their suits become extremely damp and moist to the touch.  Its very unappealing to hug, and if you are the kind of person that smells bad when sweating, it is also very unpleasant to be around a suiter that is 'well marinated'.

For freshness, do not ever be afraid of washing your fursuit.  The amount of people that make excuses about why they do not wash them is rather bad.  The material will not become damaged as long as you wash it carefully and correctly.  The process of me handwashing Rizzo takes about 2 hours.  Yes its a bit of an investment of time, but he gets well looked after, is always clean, it makes him more pleasurable to wear since it smells clean, and his fur is always shiney - again because its clean.  A lot of people opt to use Febreeze, although I am not personally a fan of this and use anti back spray purchased in the US or Germany.  Very good stuff, odour eliminating, and relatively cheap.  Plus its dry! 

However, my own personal Pièce de résistance is the fact I use £60 after shave on my fursuit - either Gucci, giorgio armani, or something similiar.  Yes, this is a very expensive option, but not wanting to float my own boat, one thing I guarantee you I will always win hands down at any convention, is the most amount of compliments paid for smelling the nicest :P  I love to know that when someone comes to hug me in my suit, I smell clean, fresh, and non offensive.

I hope some of this information helps.  If you have any other questions, feel free to post them here or page me directly.  I am always happy to reply when I can.

Kind Regards,

Venue Liaison
Deputy of Fursuit Relations

Title: Re: New fursuit partial advice
Post by: SFW on October 27, 2010, 19:03:27
*Takes notes* I see, but would it still be worth considering an absorbant undergarmnet with a partial suit? The arms are furred most of the way up so I suppose that would be an idea, but the body and legs are uncovered from fur.

Also, I'm making something of a travelling tool kit for fursuit repairs on the run. Now I have already picked up a small tool style box, glue gun, spare glue sticks and will be snagging a small sewing kit as well. But any other suggestions for what might be a good idea to include? From what has been said so far some Febreeze, a craft knife and scissors would seem like good items to have.