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Title: HELLO! :D Kiba the Fennec Wolf Pup!
Post by: KibaWolfpup on August 05, 2014, 09:33:04
Hello! I'm Kiba!
Hello you wonderful fuzzles, My name is Kiba, I am a wolf pup, Now you may be wondering "A wolf with such large ears and a 40 inch long tail?? Impossibru!!!" Well, I was born with a genetic defect, But hey ho, I like my bouncy ears and a tail so large you could swim in it :D , I am a huge fan of an Anime called "Inuyasha" and so I like to cosplay as him and pretend to save the world, I'm so jealous of Kagome, Always being with Inuyasha >////>..... Oops I went off track :D, So where was I... Oh yes, I was introducing myself, Silly me ^_^ always going off track, It's not like I was born to be a train! I am 7 years old! My *ahem* Human age is 18. I am of the female ♀ species,I live in Birmingham in England *Sips tea through a straw* Ummm I'm also what humans call a "Brony" I like the show My Little Pony a whole lot but me being a wolf and all I prefer the term "Furny". Hmmm anything else to say about myself ..... *Ruffles through pile of notes* .... hmmm, Oh yes! I am a very open and caring person, If you feel like you are down in the fur, or need a furend to talk to, Email me at ^_^. I think that's all I have to say right now :3
Title: Re: HELLO! :D Kiba the Fennec Wolf Pup!
Post by: SFW on August 05, 2014, 15:49:41
Welcome to the forums with some very bright text :)