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Title: Hello lovely pplz ^^
Post by: BvbridesmaidUK on December 28, 2015, 22:32:43
Well hello there peeps!

I recently made my first fursuit! A partial of my 1st fursona, Lemley the Dutch Angel Dragon and come new year im gonna have a crack ay my first full suit for my secondary fursona, Ekko the Leaf Nose Bat :)

I really want to go to CF next year but being disabled sucks :( I have Brittle Bone Disease and use a wheelchair for long distance walking. I'm from Preston and my mum wont let me go unless I have someone we can both trust wit me at all times and the only person who could fit that bill (my bf of 4 years ^^) work nights and wouldn't like it a the con because of his Asperges Syndrome :(

If one of you lovely people could help me think of something that I could do then that would really help me :)