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Feedback / Re: Confuzzled 2014 Feedback
« on: May 30, 2014, 14:10:33 »
I heard a lot of complaints about weird temperature changes in the dealers den - and quite a few people came home sick with a cold. Apparently it's a problem with the construction of the room - it's a large multi-purpose ballroom that can be turned into smaller rooms by putting in divider walls. But the air con apparently still only has one thermostat for the entire room, no matter how it is devided. So each time there was an event going on the main stage, it also automatically cranked up the cooling in the dealers den next door. I guess that can only be solved by re-arranging the way this space is used.

Or maybe handing out blankets to the dealers :)

I don't mind wearing a jumper. Just some mittens will do. ;D

Feedback / Confuzzled 2014 Feedback
« on: May 30, 2014, 13:49:08 »
Hi guys!

Once again, many thanks to the staff and organisers for the wonderful convention this year. CF remains my favourite con ever. :) In light of that, here is a little feedback!


* Staff, as usual, were wonderful - polite, accommodating and super helpful, could not ask for better. You are amazing!
* Dealer's Den was good this year - felt very spacious
* New venue felt overall good, a little large for me to get around with my health issues, but I wouldn't count that against it! XD
* Great breakfast (even if we only got to eat it once)
* Well priced, decent quality food for dinner and snack options (I had no issues in the cheaper restaurant area, I forget the name ;()


* Art show - it may be worth using assigned panels (as per EF) in future - or similar. We found there were masses of wasted wall space and others had the same complaint, due to people hanging e.g. 3 pictures widely spaced on one panel, when they could have fit in 1/3 of the space. Also noticed a number of submissions which seemed a little out of place as they were not anthro or animal themed, again others were making the same "why are those even there?" observation (understandable if they were 100% to charity, but they were not). Like the 2nd hand lava lamp?
* Cocktail pitchers - only purchased 2 of these, but both were absolutely full of ice, was a bit of a ripoff. Have not had this issue at previous hotels. Possibly badly trained staff?
* Dealer's Den air con seemed a tiny bit high, this might be me, but my hands were permenently uncomfortably stiff and freezing from the chill :(
* Communal notice board - I'd love to see a communal notice board at future CFs, I had a number of con attendees not come back to the Den to pick up artwork and would have liked to post contact details/a shout out somewhere. Would also be good for people posting roomparties or such. :)
* Dealer's Den wifi charge - after pre-paying for the Dealer's wifi, the details were later given out to everyone..overheard folk saying "feel sorry for anyone who was stupid enough to pay for this". :|

Anyway, overall a super positive review of the con from me and the criticism is minor. I look forward to seeing you guys next year. :)

- Korrok

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