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hi all,

this is my first con and i'm planning on being there for the early arrival and the late deaprture.

i will have a suit with me
i have been told i snore (i dream on motorbikes really), but then again not been told that in years.

i'm 30
i do drink, but not to excess
i do smoke (not vape)
i'm clean and tidy

i don't know many furries in person but hope to make some new friends while i'm there and also have a giggle.

if you are interested in sharing let me know either on here, on add me to skype peter.greywolf

Introduce Yourself / Hi Fuzzies
« on: February 05, 2015, 05:59:24 »
hi all,

new to the fandom and decided to go to a con, got two suit commissions on going and hoping to have one before confuzzled.

i'm 30 (think that makes me a greymuzzle), and my sona greywuff is a husky/wolf. i'm most likely gonna be very shy, the cons look like so much fun. hoping to go with a friend, but waiting for him to register and pay.

always up for meeting new people, and looking forward to meeting new friends and to have a giggle.

if you wanna know more just ask  :)

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