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Mainly web programming: PHP, MySQL, Javscript, CSS, HTML and XML.
Been schooled as an objective programmer, brought up with: Java, C#, some C++ and bit of LUA.

Short details
Room : Twin Standard room
Status : confirmed
Membership : Standard Residential Plus
Arrival: 27st of May (early-arrival)
Checkout: 1th of June (late-departure)
Age: 29 (during the con)
From: Netherlands
Gender: Male

Languages: Dutch, English and German

Fursuiter:  No
Smoker: No
Drinking: Rarely


This will be my first year Confuzzled, after 6 years of Eurofurence so I'm looking for a nice person to to share a twin room with.
I'm 29 years old, computer programmer by trade with many a thing that draw my interest: fantasy noving writing and reading, gaming and metal music to name a few.
I have done volunteer work for Eurofurence.

If things match out I will join you to the things there are to do. If they do not, we sleep in the same room and do not have to share a schedule.
I'm very easy going as it comes to conversation topics, arrangements and very practical in nature.
If you are unsure about something, feel free to ask :-3

At conventions and fairs I'm somewhat of a completionist, so I like to make as much as I can out of it as possible.
I do not sleep in later then 10:00 in the morning and go off at the night when I feel to tired or lack the concentration to go on (between 23:00 and 02:00).
Through the day I like to follow up as many events the conbook has to offer without missing out those awesome conversations you bump in too along the way.
I have heard many good things from Cfz and hope to have a mighty good experience as I have had with EF previously.

Heavy sleeper and light snorer (unfortunately)

Do not mind people invited to the room, but rather no room parties.
We can talk about it, but I would like to keep it too a time arrangements.

PM me or react to the topic if you are interested.
Hope to see you at the con   :-3

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