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Introduce Yourself / Re: Old drunkard getting dragged to Confuzzled
« on: February 28, 2009, 21:15:46 »
am a member of hostel staff and we were just having a nose around your forum and can clarify the following:
* 2 emergency booze trips were made last year- neither to sainsburys or tescos but to our old booze suppliers - oddbins
* the emergency booze supplies were needed cos we had ordered loads of lager and weren't prepared for so many ale drinkers - our bad! won't happen again tho
* there may have been a sainsburys trip for limes and coke (but defo not tesco's)
* Uncle Kage- we haven't been made aware of your kind offer to do the washing up but you're more than welcome! i will inform the kitchen staff to expect a new porter for the weekend, thanks.
HOpe this clears things up, and i promise we won't run out of booze this time!
looking forward to seeing y'all soon

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