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Just a quick message to say I find a buyer.
Thanks a lot for help (people who share it) and from the buyer. :)


Thanks Drae, I just reply you by email. :)

Thanks Nisse,

Unfortunatly not. It's only 1 ticket/place for 1 person in a 2 persons room. Mean with with a to-be-assigned person. :/

Room & Transport Sharing / Re: Looking for a Room or Roommates
« on: March 23, 2013, 16:04:25 »
Hi, I will maybe have something, if it's what you looking for...

Hi there,

Because some health problems, because health recovery costs, I'm too short to make a long trip like that and BTW a big con like that it's maybe too early to do with my actual health...
The possibilities to go to CFz are now really low. I will wait a week to confirm that but I think I will sell my registration if it's possible. I see no other way...
I want to know if they are somebody who can be interested by it...

Room Type: Two-Person Room With Two Beds
+ Early Arrival (Wed-Thu)
+ Selected Late Departure (Mon-Tue)
for £ 350 (£ 380 + Google Wallet fee).


I'm sad to do that but they are no way... If I cancel it, I hope see you there the next year...


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