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Discussion / Pet Passports???
« on: March 04, 2013, 21:15:47 »
Looking at this I see.... no vet check required, no health certificate needed... and no predictable behavior based on how many times do pets get surrounded by thousands of strange people who smell even funnier than your average crowd?




Do I need to purchase my ticket for a train from the airport at BHX to Leicester or can I walk up to the counter day of and be assured a seat?  It seems the schedule has trains running all day, but I'd rather not find out when I get there that they're routinely sold out or some other avoidable non-sense.

Since I really have no idea how long it'll take me to get through customs, I don't want to buy a train ticket early unless I have to.  Thoughts?  Suggestions?

I'll be arriving at somewhere around 0900 on the 25th.

Off-Topic / Perhaps it's just the venue
« on: April 08, 2012, 19:54:06 »
that venue being the forums, but thus far it seems everyone (and their brother) is bringing a fursuit to the con.

I'm going to feel so out of place. :P

Meet all these new people face to... eh... face, and at the end of the weekend I'll have no idea what any of them look like.

Silly I know.  I figure it's just the fact that fursuiters tend to have a surfeit of enthusiasm (not that it doesn't serve them well) and so they'll be the ones most likely to engage on a forum like this pre-con. 

Off-Topic / Wierd
« on: January 15, 2012, 21:21:54 »
You never know who you're gonna meet, or where, or when.  Just came back from midnight chow in a forward deployed location in SW Asia and as it happened there were three cheerleaders from the Tennessee Titans eatin' breakfast when I walked in.


Introduce Yourself / Howdy
« on: January 04, 2012, 17:29:46 »
Cebelius here.

Decided I desperately needed a vacation from the desert and Confuzzled seemed like a good idea at the time.  Ignore the fact that I desperately need a vacation NOW and am planning for one in what is it... May?... end of May.  My job's just like that.  I've passed through England a few times on my way from asia to the states and back and wasn't terribly impressed with the airport terminal busing system, but I've been assured that there's more to the British Isles than a crowded, smelly multi-culty busing experience and a vaguely musty smelling airport.  After all, the place from whence David Mitchell, the Hitchens brothers, Stephen Fry, and stout come must have SOMETHING going for it, right?

We shall see.

In no particular order you may (but probably don't) know me from: (writer, commissioner, photo and character reference can be found here for the curiously curious) (writer)  (I founded Clan Victrix and am still a member even though right now I'm out near the real war instead of the much more enjoyable fake ones I'd rather be involved in on server)  I am or was, since I don't play it anymore, one of the best 2142 Battlewalker pilots in the world with a top 50 ranking.  Considering anything much higher and we're talking shared accounts run from S. Korea... yeah, I was that good.  /bragging

I am a gamer and have been at times heavily involved in both Eve and World of Warcraft PvP.  If there's no one on the flip-side of the screen cussing because you killed him/her, then what's the point of playing online?  I am not now involved in ANY online gaming due to my location.  Instead I've wiled away the hours playing Skyrim, which is far too addictive for my health.  I've just recently gone back to replay Dragon Age because I picked up the sequel, went through the opening sequence and realized I didn't know what the hell was going on.  Figured I'd go ahead and refresh myself with the universe.

I'm one of something like 15 Americans and counting that'll be attending con, so this'll be an interesting experience for me.  I've always just flown through Europe and England, never stopped.  Figured I'd remedy that.  I will probably arrive in the week before the con and do some sight-seeing so if anyone has any suggestions or would like to offer a neat/clean/well-mannered man with no special needs, allergies, sand fleas, cottage cheese (just kidding I'll stop rhyming now.) BO, lice, ticks, children, parents or other sundry annoying hanger's-on a couch or space of floor for the night in return for dinner or a few beers do let me know.

Right now I have no idea what I'll be doing in that preceding week; at the moment I'm just trolling tourist sites looking for ideas.

Pleasure to meet you all, and I look forward to seeing what a con outside the states is like.

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