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Ok, I have just registered for CF 2009 and I'm awaiting the e-mails! *dances* Once that is done, I shall be booking my tables! Huzzah!

So, the whole reason for this thread... CF 2008 was a bit of a rush job for me, it was kinda last minute and I wasn't sure what to bring. Went pretty well though!
I want YOU the fuzzy customers to tell me what you want to see at my table! I make paws, ears and tails. What species do you want to see? I shall also be selling anime. What do you want me to bring? Toys, bags, manga, pocky? Any particular series? All feedback will be gratefully received!


Little Wolf. xxx

Introduce Yourself / Greetings and Salutations!
« on: June 10, 2008, 15:48:37 »
Hello from the Mini Wuff!

I am a fursuit maker who has just moved to Manchester! I'm pretty new to the fursuiting game, only been doing it for about a year, but I am sure you will all like what I have to offer! So, please come and see me in the Dealer's Den! I shall also have selected anime merchandise on sale! I believe I am only there on the Saturday, unless I can wrangle the Sunday too! *paws crossed*

I am quite shy, so please be kind! I shall be the lady in the pink Inuyasha t-shirt!

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