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Discussion / 2014 DJ Sets
« on: July 26, 2014, 13:19:09 »
Has anyone besides Ani uploaded theirs? If you have a link to any of them, it'd be appreciated that you could post it here. I usually give them a listen every now and then whilst working from home. Cheers :3

Hi All  :)

As the convention is on the horizon, I would like to take orders for a bunch of prepaid SIM cards for those of you coming from abroad.
The SIM cards will be registered on the EE or Three network. The cards themselves are free, and you can top up at any time from most shops or banks. I am able to load them up in advance for you. The minimum top up on these is £5.00 GBP.

If you would like me to reserve one for you at the upcoming 2014 convention, you can get in touch with me via e-mail:

For my reference only, I would like you to let me know two things:
* Your nickname on the registration badge (or something I can call you by)
* You SIM card type (normal, micro, nano. If unsure, Google your phone's model)

An e-mail will be sent out prior to the convention with a time and meeting point to collect them (or catch me in person if you know me). The meeting point will be within the attendee space of the hotel.

All the best, and I'll see you there! :)

Introduce Yourself / Well hai
« on: September 05, 2013, 22:48:07 »
Some of the UK furs might already know me. If you don't, then you can call me Mylo. My plans are currently set on attending '14 and debuting my partial fursuit by MadeByMercury. This'll be my third convention and my first CF. The theme has got me really excited; it's going be amazing. Can't wait ^.^

A bit about me, I'm 18 (19 at CF14), and I live in a little town in Norfolk. I'll be starting an IT degree in October. I've also been active in the Minecraft community since about the very start. In my spare time I try and make it to local meets, and some of the LondonFurs gatherings. Generally not as active online as I'd like to be these days, but I'm usually available on Skype. Feel free to add me, it's the same as my username on here :P

So... yah.

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