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Feedback / FeedBack
« on: May 29, 2014, 00:01:59 »
I would first like to mention that this was my first time going to Confuzzled, and to be honest i loved it XD.

Positive feedback -

The atmosphere was really great, i had no problems with any other members and have become friends with some, which i will try to be keeping in contact with them till next year.

The Hotel was great, certainty made me exercise more than i normally do XD.

All the staff were helpful and most importantly friendly, able to approach anyone if i had trouble (which i didn't).

Negative Feeback-

First i would like to point out that the dates were the 23rd till the 27th, however only a single event was held on the 27th (Dead dog party) It was a shame really, but something i though i'd point out.

I'd like to point out that on the first day (friday) there didn't seem to be much going on until the late evening,  would be nice to see something available during the time we all had to register.

I felt that some of the events could have been held longer, and opened at earlier periods, also some of the events that i would have wished to have attended, were taken over by others, perhaps running the same event on other days different times?

Some Ideas -

Buddy System
Perhaps for the next few confuzzled events you could create a buddy system? Gather a few volunteers, and invite all the new members to come and meet some of the more experienced people? Would be great for people whom come alone and be easier to make a few friends.

Sporting activity
Save one room, I.e a biggish room where we could have fun and games with stuff like tennis balls or perhaps nerf guns or maybe even a great big game of hide n seek? (Ground floor only XD) Just something active and fun.

Information exchange
A place where you can exchange info, from what equipment you use i.e 2hb pencil to where you can buy you materials for a fur suit?

Well thats all i can think of for now, perhaps if something pops up i'll add to my thread i hope my feedback as been helpful, but most of all, productive for all of you.

Be seeing you all next year hopefully XD

Room & Transport Sharing / May require lift from southwales.
« on: May 16, 2014, 22:30:53 »
As the title says, me and my friend may require a lift from south wales (near Newport), did have this all planned but due to unforeseen family circumstances me and my friend may require a lift up to the confuzzled.

If anyone is, and has space please let me know ^.^

(early leave, late return 23 to 27)

Boover the bear (first timer XD)

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