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Feedback / Confuzzled 2014 Feedback
« on: May 30, 2014, 13:49:08 »
Hi guys!

Once again, many thanks to the staff and organisers for the wonderful convention this year. CF remains my favourite con ever. :) In light of that, here is a little feedback!


* Staff, as usual, were wonderful - polite, accommodating and super helpful, could not ask for better. You are amazing!
* Dealer's Den was good this year - felt very spacious
* New venue felt overall good, a little large for me to get around with my health issues, but I wouldn't count that against it! XD
* Great breakfast (even if we only got to eat it once)
* Well priced, decent quality food for dinner and snack options (I had no issues in the cheaper restaurant area, I forget the name ;()


* Art show - it may be worth using assigned panels (as per EF) in future - or similar. We found there were masses of wasted wall space and others had the same complaint, due to people hanging e.g. 3 pictures widely spaced on one panel, when they could have fit in 1/3 of the space. Also noticed a number of submissions which seemed a little out of place as they were not anthro or animal themed, again others were making the same "why are those even there?" observation (understandable if they were 100% to charity, but they were not). Like the 2nd hand lava lamp?
* Cocktail pitchers - only purchased 2 of these, but both were absolutely full of ice, was a bit of a ripoff. Have not had this issue at previous hotels. Possibly badly trained staff?
* Dealer's Den air con seemed a tiny bit high, this might be me, but my hands were permenently uncomfortably stiff and freezing from the chill :(
* Communal notice board - I'd love to see a communal notice board at future CFs, I had a number of con attendees not come back to the Den to pick up artwork and would have liked to post contact details/a shout out somewhere. Would also be good for people posting roomparties or such. :)
* Dealer's Den wifi charge - after pre-paying for the Dealer's wifi, the details were later given out to everyone..overheard folk saying "feel sorry for anyone who was stupid enough to pay for this". :|

Anyway, overall a super positive review of the con from me and the criticism is minor. I look forward to seeing you guys next year. :)

- Korrok

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