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Announcements / Charity Update Announcement
« on: August 31, 2011, 12:38:13 »
Hi everyone,

At the end of 2011's convention, we announced a total charity figure of £6,750 for the International Otter Survival Fund. We now realise that this figure is incorrect, and wish to rectify this.

We previously stated that included in the above figure, Microsoft would kindly be donating £1,350, but the powers that be decided against this figure and unexpectedly increased the amount to a staggering £4,400.

We are beyond ecstatic to announce that the new total is £9,800!

Many, many thanks to Microsoft for their continued generosity and to each and every one of our attendees that contributed to this amazing total.

As the lead for writing and music I'm really keen to know what events you'd like to see and do and enjoy. If you're a writer or a musician and want to run an event, participate in any of the ones below, or ask anything about the events or furry writing and music in general, email me at finance @at@ and I'll see what we can do.

Here's what we have in the writing and music tracks so far:

Music Jam (Sat 7th, 1400-1500)

Delicious musical jam to go in your convention sandwich. Since there's an open mic event now I've given this slot over entirely to the jam session, much in the style of the last half hour of CFz 2010 if you were there. Bring instruments if you have them, and we'll hopefully have a good supply of percussion handy so everyone who wants to can join in!

Writers Circle (Sun 8th, 1000-1100)

In traditional writing circle fashion, too. Prolific or new, bring that story or poem (or song!) to an audience and dare to share. Come along, hear and comment on what other writers are working on! We tend to have a wide range of experience, right from the new to the published. It might seem a bit daunting, but trust me: peer critique is a great way to get good honest feedback.

If you're thinking of bringing something along for the circle do send me an email (finance @at@, since if we've more demand than I'm expecting, I will try and fix us a bigger slot!

Fur-E-Okie (Sun 8th, 1400-1500)

Few things quite match the sheer presence of a good bit of furry karaoke, and we like it so much we gave it a portmanteau pet name, cause that's what we do here on the internet. And thus, Fur-E-Okie was born! After we've locked the doors the winner of last year's karaoke, Ember, will be your host on a wonderful journey of music you thought you'd never hear again, as rendered by a number of our bravest and/or most inebriated attendees. It'll be proper class. Come and see!

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