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Introduce Yourself / The great Coonholio
« on: August 28, 2010, 20:02:52 »
Well the subject was introduce yourself, so why not.

I'm Tsanawo, I'm a male raccoon and I'm hailing from Eindhoven which is located in the Netherlands.
I'm pondering on coming to ConFuzzled this time, depending on if my financial situation allows for it.

My hobbies consist of sleeping, drinking, sleeping and more drinking... Errr... wait?
I don't own a suit (yet) and I work in the IT business. I do stuff with servers and computers, no programming or anything. Just plain old hardware and OS support.

But yeah, I'm your general run of the mill raccoon, who was trapped in a dye factory accident, or atleast my tail part, but that's another story. ^.^
I like shiney objects, breaking stuff, and dismantling.

To spent my past time I like to strike up a good conversation, watch some TV or play a computer game. Further I like visiting friends and just hanging out at their or mine place.

So that's all for now, I hope you got an idea, if you have any questions, ask.

Ow and I also do something with video camera's and video taping, although I normally lack the time to edit everything :(

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