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Ahh ha! I forgot I needed to do this.
So, Irish, male, none smoker and repeat attendee of Confuzzled that is really unlikely to be out until 5am partying or worse, up until 5am partying in the room while you are trying to sleep. I generally try to see as little of the inside of the room as I can, probably only going there for sleeping, changing and recovering the use of my legs.

Ideally looking for someone that is in their late 20s or early 30s so I don't end up either feeling ancient or looking even more immature than I already am. I'm not fussy though.

ohh being a scatterbrain I forgot to mention Skype or other convenient two way means of communication. Generally speaking I prefer to have chatted to whoever I am going to be spending a few days sharing a room with at least once before meeting up for the first time. Just a general hello to find out what people look and sound like and make it easier to track you down and be sure we are talking to the right person on the day.

Room & Transport Sharing / Seeking a Room Sharing Person!
« on: September 23, 2012, 23:37:06 »
This shall be my third time off in Confuzzled and since I have had nothing but good experiences sharing a room with total strangers during the con I am once again I am in need of a room partner person!
So, at the time the con will be happening I will be
a 30 year old,
coming across from Dublin, Ireland!

Not likely to use the room for anything other than sleeping and changing and storing whatever I buy and hope I can fit into my case.
Definitely hopeful to have a reasonable costume with a new and better fursuit head and paws!

So, the idea of asking really early is to trade Skype names and all that and get to chatting and getting to know one another before we end up spending a few days in an enclosed space together.
So if anyone out there is keen on getting to know me and potentially spending the night or more likely early mornings, in Confuzled sleeping in the same room as me let me know!

Room & Transport Sharing / Room Sharing Company!
« on: February 14, 2012, 06:04:19 »
As before I would much prefer to share a room with someone I know as opposed to someone I meet on the day. So much fun as a lottery assignment sounds where everyone is a winner I'd like to find someone to share with as soon as I can.
So, if anyone has interesting in spending time getting to know me and happens to have be staying in residence from Friday to Monday in a twin room I would love to hear from you!
I have Skype and Messengers and... Things. I am sure we can work out how to get in touch through here.

Off-Topic / Lost Details
« on: February 14, 2012, 05:50:13 »
So. let's say as a matter of pure speculation someone who believed that they had saved a copy of vital emails such as ones containing for instance their password and badge number was to clean their entire email inbox not knowing that they had not in fact done any such saving.
Let us also assume that they did not realise that the important emails were gone until their trash had been idiomatically emptied.
would the email they used to get a replacement be

Whoo!! never mind.
Purely speculative situation as been resolved by exploring the cached information which for some reason the purely speculative individual who might experience this trouble almost never purges

Off-Topic Furry Discussion / Another First Fursuit
« on: February 07, 2011, 15:51:36 »
My own first effort at a head.
a plastic canvas frame with foam overlayed, some basic work done in shaping, ears not yet attached and debating on adding padding for more prominant cheak bones and a wider shape.
Ohh, and ignore the time stamps. I forgot to reset the date in the camera so it all got tagged as 2008

Ahh, so many mistakes have been made.
I could start over, I have enough materials to spare It wouldn't cost much.
I have already redone parts two or three times.
Decisions. Decisions.
One things is for sure, the snout is too small for a fan and I am having trouble with the jaw.
The whole face probably should have been lifted more forward to give better room for the eyes, and the forehead pushes forward in an odd way...
Well, on the bright side, if I make loads of mistakes now I will have a lot to learn from!
By the end of one fursuit I may have made every mistake conceivably possible XD
And I can't even find a good source of fur that doesn't come from America with a delivery charge that adds 50% the cost of the actual fur.
And if anyone knows where to get nice affordable wigs, prefferably white and brown, do let me know.
I could go with the real cheap fur available in the local fabric shop (bright yellow and orange) which would save enough money that I could almost certaqinly have a new fursuit ready for next year :D
Assuming I can afford to go again >.<
Which would be a maybe after a new suit >.>

Introduce Yourself / Lost Cause
« on: January 09, 2011, 20:01:10 »
Ahh ha! Been waiting on my accounts approval!
Signed up to attend the con a few days ago ^.^
It shall be my first time attending a furry con, though it will be my second time in Manchester!
I see there is going to be another Person from the Republic of Ireland going, also a lion!
I am in the process of stabbing myself repeatedly with needles in an effort to get a fursuit together.... Fingers (what's left of them) crossed I actually get it done in time. It is my first time trying to make one too.

I would appreciate it if someone would point me to a timetable of events, or even a timetable of old events. Is there anything that happens on the Friday or Monday to go to?
I really need to book the flights as soon as I possibly can, but without knowing how things usually go I don't know when I should be planning to arrive or leave.

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