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Feedback / Feedback: Fixed menu three course meal?
« on: May 31, 2014, 15:44:31 »
The Dining room seemed to get very little use during the convention, resulting to a huge crush into the Lobby Bar.

I suspect the issue was that it was a fixed menu three course meal, and while it was actually priced very well for a three course meal... I don't think a lot of people wanted a three course meal.

I do think people wanted a sit-down meal that wasn't bar food, but didn't want a starter and desert. (I was part of an expedition to the Airport to find one!)

Additionally, I think there wasn't enough signage to say "Hey, over here! This is a restaurant! There is food here!" and most of the time it looked empty and not being used so people weren't even checking the menu.

First of all, Confuzzled's staff continue to learn and improve year on year.

Now for the Feedback... Not having a truly dedicated board games room was a (relatively minor) problem. 8/9pm is a little late to wait for a dedicated board games room, and it was practically standard practice to have to clear out some people playing a board game in Norfolk or Dorset so an event could start.

Hopefully there will be more event rooms in use next time. If so, I hope that York and Lancaster could become dedicated Board Games and Video Games rooms.

I'd also probably suggest dropping use of Boardroom all together, because it's awkwardly sized and shaped and not really suitable. Possibly even switching away from using the Dorset/Norfolk/Surrey wing, and to using the London/Cambridge/Oxford partitioned rooms, as they're slightly larger and a lot easier for people to find.

Now sold and transferred.

Because of a change in my plans, I'll have to drop out of CFZ. I have a single room Thursday to Monday morning booking which I am willing to sell and transfer. If you wanted a single room, but left it too late, here's your chance. Aside from the single room, this is a standard residential membership.

I paid £337.00, but would be willing to take acceptable offers at a serious discount of £200, which is cheaper than a regular shared room friday to monday booking.

Dealers Den & Art Auction / The Auction
« on: March 29, 2012, 22:02:43 »
I am annoyed to note that the thread has been locked preventing me making a reply.

I would not normally go against the wishes of forum moderators, but I do think I need to make a public statement on this... I meant "General Attendance" as in "This will be an event advertised in the con book as of general interest to all members of the convention" and that I would be surprised if everyone went in *expecting* uncensored adult content to be present.

The understanding I had after complaints were made after the last time, was that there would be no uncensored items *at all* in the event. Last time you made the decision that when rushed, and after mistakes in processing happened, you would go ahead and display uncensored adult art anyway. You were told that was something you should not have done. You were told not to do it again this year. Now you are saying you don't care, and if things get rushed, and mistakes happen in processing, you're going to display the uncensored adult art. And that there certainly will be uncensored adult art taken up to people in the audience who request it, with the blasé opinion stated that we should just avert our gaze if someone next to us decides they want a nice close look at that tentacle orgy poster.

This is unacceptable. ConCom are directly rebuffing the complaints we made about this last year! It makes too many people uncomfortable, and will turn some people off from going to it at all. Frankly, I won't be going to it if this attitude is taken, because I think adult art shouldn't be pushed on those who feel uncomfortable about it.

Events / Brony Meet
« on: February 12, 2012, 17:56:21 »
This happened unofficially at the last CFZ anyway, but it might be nice to assign a room and time for one!

Feedback / London MCM Expo spring show conflict.
« on: November 01, 2011, 00:01:20 »
Over on the UKFur forums people have started to notice the conflict with ConFuzzled and the London MCM Expo spring show. MCM Expo has been gaining a lot of popularity with the costumer and fursuiting side of the UK Fandom because of the links with Cosplay. And while I had been promoting CFZ to people in Artists alley and a few exhibitors, I'm not sure how many will chose it over MCM.

Obviously it's too late to change things now, but this probably needs to be considered for 2013 and onwards. MCM's show schedule now appears to be pretty fixed, on the full last weekend of May and October each year. ( And these weekends should probably be blacked out of scheduling for any future CFZs. I'd also suggest that it's might be better to clash with a US Con than the London MCM Expo.

Introduce Yourself / Guess I should introduce myself
« on: September 26, 2011, 12:14:02 »
Hi, I'm Lamar. And despite living in the UK all my life, I'm probably more well known in the US fandom than the UK one for various reasons...

I'm a submissions editor on the Belfry Web Comics Index, and last Confuzzled I filled in at The Gneech's panel on webcomics for the first fifteen minutes. (You'll also be able to see some of my colouring/digital restoration work on The Gneech's upcoming 'Suburban Jungle' print collections!) I'll likely run a webcomic panel again, if I can find some active creators who'll be willing to be panelists for it.

I've also been to, and volunteered at, other fandom conventions at the Hinckley Island Hotel before. I don't gopher or staff at cons anymore due to needing a walking stick to get around, but am happy helping out with anything I can do while sitting down! (CFS, bleh)

The fastest I have ever broken my "I am not volunteering at this convention" promise was at the 2005 Worldcon. While wandering the convention center an hour before registration started, I sat down on a chair.

They built an information desk around me.

Events / WebComics Kaffe Klatch
« on: September 15, 2011, 20:45:12 »
Edit: I'll run this event as a Kaffe Klatch, where we all just meet up and chat and swap hints and tips about creating web comics, and just get to say hi to other people in the Webcomics world. Unless there's going to be more established Webcomics creators coming, who would want to be on panel. I don't know exactly how many people I would expect, but the "How to make a webcomic" event had ~20 people at the last con, but that was a GOH event as well. So if you want to come to this, please do say.

Since I ended up running a panel on this at the last con for the first 20 minutes while The Gneech was delayed, and I ended up co-presenting a panel on this at AyaCon...

Anyone interested in a panel on Webcomics again?

Idealy, since I'm just a subs editor on the Belfry WebComics Index, I'd like input there from people who actually run webcomics. So if you do run a webcomic, and would like to answer questions from an audience about it, please tell me! I'm sure people wouldn't be that interested in just my giving lots of numbers and statistics and site design and production issues.

Feedback / Pricing on the website.
« on: August 29, 2011, 20:12:52 »
Just noticed that my forum user application was authorised a while back... So I'll copy this over from the ukfur boards...
The pricing for single booking is confusing. It says £25 extra per day, but then puts different rates for the additional days? I'm assuming that you didn't mean to imply a double additional charge for single occupancy on the additional days. It's also a little unclear as to what the pricing would be on a Single ocupancy deluxe room if you stay the extra days, if you even intended to allow people to single occupancy book deluxe rooms? It's not really very easy to work out what you're going to pay unless you intend to share a room and only stay for the convention days.

It'd be simpler if you presented a table like this, but in actual HTML :)

Code: [Select]
                 Shared Standard Room  Single Room  Shared Deluxe Room  Single Deluxe Room
Three Nights,
25,26,27th Aug                   £200         £275                £220                £295

Additional Nights
24th Aug                          £50          £70                 £70                 £75?
28th Aug                          £50          £70                 £70                 £75?

Upgrade            £50

+ Comic            £15

(Shared Room priced per person, and on the basis of two people sharing a room with another
paying attendee. The convention will assign shared accommodation unless attendees specify
a common room booking, or a single room booking is made. Shared rooms are two person
maximum occupation.)

And of course with the right pricing and policy if my reading of what they are is wrong.

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