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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello
« on: April 02, 2016, 00:02:30 »
Hello. I have trouble calling myself a furry, but pretty much all my friends are furries.  ???  I'm Canadian, and I'm using this con as an excuse to visit England, as I haven't done any international travelling for 15 years!  (Mainly due to having no money.)  I'm honestly not sure if the "con" scene is for me, I sampled a couple Anime cons before and was a little bored, but I'll give it another go.  I aim to see as much touristy stuff in Birmingham as possible.

I'd be interested to know if there are any other international visitors who would be interested in doing tourism stuff, or any natives who want to act as a guide? I also have an extra day in London after the con (June 1st), and if there are any other visitors who are in the same boat it would be great to connect.

As a suggestion for planning the con, it would be good to post on the website more about the overall timetable well in advance. Specifically, what are the times for the last day, May 31st?  Usually the last day of a con wraps up a little earlier. Will be it 1pm, 5pm?  This would be good to know in terms of planning transportation.

Thanks! :)

Hi! - CFz needs more Canadians ;) .. i like to pretend i am .. but that's cos i love the place so much. Ive been to ON soooo many times, last year did a necessary trip to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal and scooted via the states down to Niagara

You're angle on the con in general is pretty kewl too by the way. I am definitely fuzzy, but i went to a convention in Toronto last March called Furnal Equinox - set myself up in the same hotel as the convention and stayed through the week - went into Toronto before and during the con.

Unfortunately, i know very little about birmingham and the area the con's in .. except for i believe there's a few more eating places opened up this year near by.. i tend to stick to confuzzled like glue when im there :P
If you like chocolate however .. there is.. 20 miles ish away (about 30min drive) from the con hotel Cadbury World - in Bournville - where Cadbury's was founded and  is based :P - its just the transport i can imagine could be the issue!

going on memory here.. the last day of the con.. You have to be out of your room at about 12pm and that night there is the dead dog party too *nods* so it'd be up to you exactly when you want to plan your departure - but i'd imagine any time after 12 would be good. There will also be a lot of furs around that day still because the convention also offers a "late departures day" - allowing people to stop an additional night and leaving 1st June

hope this helps a little - and if not - at least its a welcome to Confuzzled :)

Introduce Yourself / Re: HIII!!!!
« on: April 01, 2016, 23:42:12 »
I'm Gari the Ferret and this year will be my first time at Confuzzled, I'm a fursuiter from Southampton, I hope to have a great time and hopefully meet friends, old and new at the con. :)


welcome to confuzzled :3

since you be a fursuiter, i think you're gonna looooove the fursuit headless lounge :3  - Confuzzled knows how to cool down suiters ;) .. take it from me - My suit is padded and for extra craziness - i wear a hoodie over the top also hehehe

Introduce Yourself / Re: Well hallo thar
« on: April 01, 2016, 23:38:44 »
Hi :D

Total convention virgin, but coming down from Aberdeen, look forward to seeing everyone :D

Heya! First cons are always the best cons ;) Welcome to CFz :3

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hola! Noodle dragon incoming!!!
« on: April 01, 2016, 23:37:11 »
Hey all!

I'm Kouta and I'm a fursuiter from Surrey. Hoping to come to Confuzzled this year and I've been putting together the last bits for my fursuit. ^w^
Just have the feet paws to do and then I'll upload some pics.

Hiii! awesome! so it'll be your first con? :)
I used to go to meets (northern meets) a long long while back (even ran them for a lil while) - then i kinda just got busy - took a long break from meets, and then finally in 2013 i dropped myself into a convention o.o

Its a lil bewildering at first - but when you've found your feet, its truly epic :)

Discussion / Re: My photos
« on: June 10, 2013, 23:27:27 »
<3 awwwww i absolutely LOOOOVE The piccy of me and tenderpaws right down at the bottom :3 - would it be okay to post it to FA with credits to youuu? ^^ (whas your FA :3)

Feel free to post them at Furaffinity. My FA-account is Tioh.

thankieees :3 *snugs!*

Discussion / Re: My photos
« on: June 09, 2013, 22:46:41 »
<3 awwwww i absolutely LOOOOVE The piccy of me and tenderpaws right down at the bottom :3 - would it be okay to post it to FA with credits to youuu? ^^ (whas your FA :3)

Discussion / Re: 2013 Photos
« on: June 09, 2013, 22:38:12 »
yey :3 *snugs* i saw me in a couple of those ^^

awsome piccies :3

Discussion / Re: Photos from Confuzzled 2013
« on: June 05, 2013, 18:39:56 »
awsome photos :3 *chitters* and a piccy of me in there toooo ^^ *snugs!*

Feedback / Re: Headless Fursuiters...
« on: June 05, 2013, 00:43:55 »
i absolutely agree with Dhary.

everything is personal choice - yes, but unwritten rules are there due to the majority feeling of the community - we have headless lounges for a reason. I have on times even said i would rather pass out than break character (though yes it sounds stupid and i would de-head if it got to that point - it conveys my particularly strong feelings for this particular topic.)

When we suit - we bring a character to life. For me, that is the entire point of 'suiting up' - we don't wear suits like some kind of sweater - its a character - and if, unnecessarily - you take your head off - you're breaking that character - and the character becomes insignificant - pointless, and effectively fake.

I know my safe limits, and - as i did last night, when i reach them, i head to my room - head on, and when the door is closed - i de-suit.

We are all entitled to our opinions - but as has been mentioned, the majority don't wish to see this to that degree. It was not especially hot this weekend, and it ruins many many photo opportunities and video shots  - spoiling opportunities for those who wish to be seen, and be recorded bringing their character to life.

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