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Discussion / Me and Kaos' video from CFz2015
« on: June 24, 2015, 15:30:58 »
Hey ya'll :)

Thought I'd share our video from CFz this year. It's a short video following some of our adventures in and around the hotel, featuring several fursuiters and a few room parties as well.

Click here to watch the vid!

Thank you all for an awesome con, see you again next year!


Hey everyone! I'm currently staying with Aquilius and Kandrel in their place at Basingstoke (been to some festivals and stuff). Of course we're all going to the con, but they don't have an early arrival like I do. Now, they will most likely be able to get me on a train to Hinckley station (assuming I figure out your train thingies, hehe), but from there on I'm lost, and even using a GPS is problematic because I've got a norwegian carrier who doesn't like me using the internet out of country. So... Can anybody help me out? I suppose there'll be plenty of you furs driving to the con, and I'd be happy to give you a few quid for gas in exchange for you picking me up. I'm a very friendly guy.

If not, I might be stuck with my last option, which is driving up with the Basingstoke furs and miss my early arrival day. Of course that would be quite a bit meh, but I'm also afraid I'll get problems if I don't check in on time.

Thanks for reading!

 - Trashwolf

Introduce Yourself / Wuffwuff from the far north!
« on: September 10, 2012, 22:24:07 »
Hello everyone! My name's Trashwolf and I come from the far north of Norway! I'm a 20 year old music student and an active participant in the norwegian furry community.

I very recently got intrigued by CF after I got back from Eurofurence and felt that I simply need more! And hopefully this year I will have a steady enough income to make it to CF with some of my Norwegian furfriends that I know have been there before. I'm not an experienced con goer, I have only been to EF three times, so I hope this con is a social one where meeting new friends will be easy! I love meeting new friends, and I see myself as pretty forthcoming (the more depending on if there's a bar nearby, hehe). I especially like to meet fellow musicians!

I don't know what more to write, I'd post a picture of my fursona and all but seeing as FA is down that'll have to wait :)

I hope to make it to CF!

 - Trashwolf Silvestris

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