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Introduce Yourself / Lumos!
« on: June 30, 2014, 23:21:18 »
I just thought I'd put a little bit in here about myself and my fursonas, maybe I'll make some new furiends (eyyyy see what I did?)

Name: Drew
Gender: fluid
Age: 18
From: South Wales
Fursonas: Nox, Bast

appearance: male angel dragon, black and green fur, cyborg (oooo), red eyes, no wings (he ripped them off)
personality: aggressive at first, however he'll warm up to you after a while (or if you play with his ears, he likes that)

appearance: female vampire bat, brown and purple fur, purple wings, white eyes (no pupils)
personality: very shy/jumpy, but only due to her blindness, loveable and cuddly

Thanks for reading if you got this far~
Peace out!
-Nox (now the title makes sense, if you like Harry Potter  :P)

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