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Discussion / Re: Whats in the hotel rooms
« on: September 18, 2014, 17:03:22 »
Yeah, I had a standard twin last year, the kettle is hidden in the cupboard under the TV. Which meant some people thought there wasn't one because they didn't look, but it's there  ;)

Feedback / Re: CFz 2014 Feedback C:
« on: June 12, 2014, 22:33:13 »

Charity Art Auction
The auction it's self was brilliant! some lovely artwork, and poor pinky's voice after auctioning each table off!,
But my biggest problem was that some artists put 0% to charity when it is a charity auction, I strongly believe there should be a minimum of 15% (or in that area) for charity.

Hi, as a member of the Art Show Crew I'd like to comment on this.

With regards the charity donations. The event is advertised as an Auction Live Bidding Show, and not a charity auction.

Our current policy is to change 0% items that go to live auction to 5%, which is around the equivalent of an administration fee for conducting such a live auction. We are indeed a charity organization, but we do not want to levy a tax on artists for submitting their work in the art show. Many of our artists rely on the income of their sales to pay for their stay at the con, or to save up money to go to another con. We find that our artists give generously to charity every year and we neither can nor want to make their donations feel forced in any way. Many of our artists also submit items with differing charity donations, so even if they have items in the art show at 0%, they may also have other items at 20%, 50% or even 100%.
In general, artists also seem well aware that their charity donation percentage has an impact on the bidding prices for their items.

ConFuzzled provides free exhibition space for artists and potential exposure to a massive audience (this year we had over 1000 attendees), and judging by our charity figures for the art show every year, we are being repaid for our hard work by the artists' donations. ConFuzzled wishes to continue supporting our chosen annual charity as well as the furry artist community in general each year, and we find our current policy to be a good guideline for doing both.

Feedback / Re: Art Auction
« on: June 11, 2013, 21:50:10 »
Hi, on the subject of hi-lighting 100% charity pieces I would just like to point out that every item in the art show has a bid slip next to it. On the top of this bid slip next to the starting bid is the charity percentage, so it's on display with every item.

Events / Re: CF 2012 Pawpet Video
« on: July 28, 2012, 17:23:57 »
Excellent, the show was great and I'm looking forward to watching it again, definitely one of the hi-lights of the convention.

Congratulations and thanks to the entire cast and crew, and to the video crew!

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hey!
« on: July 17, 2012, 18:17:28 »
Hello and Welcome  ;D

There are lots of furs in that area, I'm sure you'll be able to find plenty of people  :)

Discussion / Re: Fursuit advice
« on: January 16, 2012, 20:16:42 »
I'm no wonderful expert or brilliant performer, but here's my advice.

Unless I'm wearing it as a partial, in which case I just wear normal clothes I personally use a cheap Underarmour knockoff I picked up from Wallmart a few years ago at Anthrocon. I'm usually sweating before I've even finished putting the full suit on, but the underclothes do a good job of holding the moisture in themselves and not letting the suit get wet and icky. It still gets a good spritzing with antibactieral "pet oder remover" after wearing it though :P

If you buy Underarmour, which is a brand a lot of fursuiters use, be careful when you buy it, there are two types and it can be hard to tell the difference.

One helps you keep cool, the other warms you up... GET THE COOLING ONE!  ;)

Having said that, I know some suiters who just wear a thin t-shirt and boxer shorts, not sure I would recommend that myself but works for them.

With the rest, my main recommendation is to take frequent breaks in the headless lounge and regularly sip water until you learn your own limit, everyone is different. The headless lounge is also a great place to find things out, I've got some great advice and tips in there just standing in front of a fan and chatting to people while cooling off. Fursuiters in general are a friendly bunch so don't be shy  :)

I'm looking for a room mate too, sent you a private message, let's chat ;)

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