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Feedback / The main area.
« on: June 07, 2014, 20:44:56 »
I was very upset with the 'main' socializing' area. Last year the main area was outside, chairs for people to sit and plenty of room for fursuited to do their thing. And right next to that... the bar and more chairs!
This year there was the lobby... the seating area that wasnt really fursuit friendly as it was rather crowded... and then a maze of corridors.

When i was in fursuit i felt myself thinking... where the hell do i go? To be honest.... the rooms were great in the hotel but i didnt like thew layout. I think a main communal area outside is key. Especially as we could have had nice weather. People would be stuck inside... or crowded around the main entrance.

I was really looking forward to bursting onto the scene with my new fursuit, in front of a crowd like we had outside last year. It would have been ideal. But instead i just kinda walked out the lift like... hi... anyone here? Where do i go to show this off? (I'm the one with the speakers in.)

The hinkley just felt so much more relaxed and had more of a social feel to it.

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