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Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello, Everybody!
« on: January 15, 2010, 18:28:01 »
You don't have to have a complete costume to have a good time there. I've not even started and still had fun last time.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Mr Fennecy Fox!
« on: November 28, 2009, 23:38:05 »
Two tail wags for the underscore! Hello there and don't worry, my fursuit efforts are still locked away in storage at the moment, I have the materials, but none of the time needed to work on it. Still any tips can't go amiss.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Reporting in
« on: November 28, 2009, 23:35:32 »
Although I should point out that London has more airports and generates more GDP then any other area of the country. But don't worry, we still like the rest of the UK.

Introduce Yourself / Re: o hai, help?
« on: November 28, 2009, 19:35:39 »
And also welcome aboard :)

Introduce Yourself / Re: Loki checking in
« on: November 27, 2009, 00:42:23 »
If you want to come next year book quickly! The spaces are filling out fast, you don't want to miss out on this as it was superb this year.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Reporting in
« on: September 17, 2009, 22:52:29 »
I think Manchester might have something to say about the second city part :) Welcome to the forums as well.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello from the husky!
« on: August 24, 2009, 20:48:48 »
Hope you are able to make it there next year, Confuzzled is a good convention to start out with. It's not too big, but it's still well attended and has lots of different things to do. You will definately enjoy yourself if you can make it.

Announcements (CF2008-CF2011) / Re: ConFuzzled Registration
« on: August 18, 2009, 21:12:37 »
Very nice to do, I do like electronic payments. It's so fast and easy to do.

Introduce Yourself / Re: Greetings!
« on: July 10, 2009, 20:38:56 »
Good morrow to another British one :)

Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello :)
« on: May 28, 2009, 20:24:51 »
Good idea, when things start to form up a bit I'll make contact about it. For now there is still a lot to deal with from the most recent one for everyone.

Introduce Yourself / Hello :)
« on: May 28, 2009, 19:05:04 »
I thought it might be an idea to introduce myself here. Normally it's best to know me as Silver, the full name is a bit long to really use often or SFW for shortest of all. I've been around the furry side since around 1995 back in the days of Netscape, Wolfhome and dare I say it EzBoard. First even actual convention has been Confuzzled, mainly not attending US ones due to the cost of going.

In my spare time when I'm not wolfing about I am a first aider with St. John Ambulance and a member of the special constabulary so next year I'd offer that on if the skills can be used.

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