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Bubbles The Labrador (Puppy, Fat Fur, Party Fur)
« on: January 03, 2016, 13:44:30 »
Heya there! Im Bubbles im a fursuiter from Birmingham. Im 18 and im looking other people sharing the fat fur interests as well as me, i only know like 1. I am very new to all this stuff, first con ever and i would like it to be a good one! Im not all kinks and stuff though! >.> I love pizza, donuts, belly rubs, snuggles, drinking, video games, card games, its the generic stuffs, me is a subby chubby puppy. But as i said im not kink driven, just thought id let ya know! Id love to make some new friends whether it be from common interests or not! Hope to talk to some of you soon! Ill be in suit as shown below wondering round and more than happy for room parties! Add me on skype at bubbleslabrador or on facebook at Bub Rock

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