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Getting to confuzzled
« on: May 10, 2016, 17:24:57 »
Hi all!

Just wondered if anyone has tried this at all (I have never been to birmingham before) with regards to getting from the airport (birmingham airport) to the hotel. I came up with the following directions which apparently can be done on foot;

- Head NE towards Trident Rd
- Turn right onto Concorde Rd
- At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Vanguard Rd
- Turn right towards Bickenhill Ln/B4438
- Turn left onto Bickenhill Ln/B4438
- At the roundabout take the 2nd exit onto Morris way
- Turn left onto Exhibition way
- Turn left onto Perimeter Rd
- At the roundabout take 1st exit; stay on Perimeter Rd
- Slight right to stay on Perimeter Rd
- At the roundabout take 1st exit onto Harbet Dr
- Hilton Birmingham Metropople

Unfortunatly I do not know the area, so I can't even guarantee that this can be done on foot not coming from the area. Is this possible or is there an alternative?

(BTW I am not flying in I'm coming in via national express coach I just figured an airport would make more sense as a startpoint as it would have more routes leaving the airport to different locations).


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Re: Getting to confuzzled
« Reply #1 on: May 10, 2016, 17:49:41 »
If you're coming from the airport the hotel runs a shuttle service to the hotel. Details can be found on the travel page This is run by the hotel and not the convention.
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Re: Getting to confuzzled
« Reply #2 on: May 11, 2016, 05:23:10 »
It's worth noting that both Megabus and National Express serve Birmingham Airport, whilst the Hilton shuttle serves Birmingham International railway station.

Assuming you arrive at a sensible time, the best route is as follows:
  • Enter the Terminal building at the Departures end (where all the bus stops are, opposite the Novotel)
  • Head up the escalators or in the lift to the First Floor
  • Take the (free) Air-Rail Link (access between Burger King and Frankie & Benny's) to Birmingham International railway station
  • Walk straight ahead and into the railway station concourse area
  • At this point you can either use the (free) Hotel shuttle, for which there's a call point near Subway, or walk through the NEC and around the lake to the rear entrance of the Hotel
It's worth noting that the Hotel shuttle only runs every 30 minutes or so due to the local road layout. Whilst the hotel and station are only 400 metres (around quarter of a mile) apart as the crow flies, the vehicle route is just shy of 2.5 miles! As such, you may find it's quicker to walk most of the time, and there will likely be other furs around to accompany you.

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Re: Getting to confuzzled
« Reply #3 on: May 15, 2016, 12:47:12 »
Well by hook or by crook I'll find the way. It does indeed sound possible to walk the short distance though maybe my instructions I posted originally are still ok? Not sure. But will give your route a try as well! I get there btw on the thursday at around 5.35pm.

>t's worth noting that both Megabus .....

The megabus man *still* looks a bit like Dara o briain :-) :-) !!

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