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heya ^.^
« on: November 20, 2009, 01:33:30 »
hello there  :)
im very new to all this :/
i found this site through alot of internet time and research but im glad ive found it now :)
ive found my self very interested in this since i went America last year, i saw a few furries around at the time and found myself wanting all the fun they were having too.
im now almost 19 and that spark of passion for this sort of thing is still there and now i have all the relevent information and have now found you guys i cant wait to hopefully get to a con and meet you all. :)
i am thinking about getting a fursuit but as an 18year old usually does spend alot on partying i am one of those teens :)
the problem is that i have never wore a fursuit before so i wouldnt understand the heat of it all as most people have said. as i see it i have two choices either 1. ATTEMPT at coming up with some concept art and getting a specialist to help or 2. i have a friend that is very good with a needle and thread and was thinking about making my own (with her help of course) :)
my question is: what would be more reasonable for someone like me? i obviously would like a good qaulity suit but price range is not very high :/
hope to hear from you soon :)