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Re-Introduction inc. meme!
« on: April 30, 2010, 16:04:54 »
Hey everyone!

This years will be my second confuzzled - I originally attended in 2008, but couldn't afford last years... And haha, I owe my friend for this years. I hate being jobless... I think the pay in instalments thing is the only reason I went in 2008.

ANYWAY, I had a FANTASTIC time last time, so I'm sure I will this time! I identify more as a furry artist than an actual furry, though I do like to 'indulge', haha. And I've met a lot of very awesome people through the fur fandom.

I have two 'fursonas'. First is Bran, a wolf-carrion crow hybrid (and can be draw in forms anything inbetween). In full wolf form, he still has crow feathers poking out of his 'mane' and tail. He represents my main totem animals in this life, and I am also a wolf therianthrope. Second is Marcos, a blue-grey Nubian goat. He's just for fun ~ At the con, I'll be 'playing' at Marcos most the time, though I am a wolf at heart. A wolf in goats clothing, haha!

I'll be wearing badges of both characters, and I'll go by whatever name you chose to use. In 'real life', I am female-to-male transgendered (ftm), but pre-op etc. I'd highly appreciate it if you used the correct pronouns with me, though I understand that if you didn't know, I can come across rather feminine. I am who I am.

And now! I stole this meme from anthrocon!


Where are you staying?

What day are you getting there?
Friday before check-in, I THINK. Need to double-check with my room mate.

Who will you be with?
Diodki666/Cai (room mate), probably Zuki, Panthras and Magnus a lot, and whoever else will cope with me!

If you would like to say hi, please do! I love making friends at cons above all else!

Do you do free art?
Possibly.. Depends if you buy me a drink etc >u> Or if I know you well.

Do you do trades?
Sure! Probably nothing more than sketches, or ball-point pen sketches though. If you want to trade me an item, I ADORE goats, and will collect anything like plushies, figures, etc. I collect goat plushies so if you have a spare one collecting dust then you know what to do ~

Do you do commissions?
Some. Nothing more than pen/pencil sketches at the convention. As I'm still quite backlogged, I won't be taking on any new full colour works. Might take preorders for badges, though.

Do you have prints / CDs ?
I wanted to take prints, but due to issues with image qualities, it's looking unlikely.

Do you do badges?
Yup! I *might* take some more pick-up badge orders IF I get these all done asap. I'm juggling a 10'000 word thesis too right now so haha OTL

Will you have Art in the Art Auction?
If it's like last time, possibly just left over pieces. Or an auction for a full colour works with 10% to charity.

What is your gender?
Male (ftm)

How old are you?
Just turned 24, ew.

Can I talk to you?
Of course! I may seem a little shy at first but I tend to come out of my shell fairly quick at cons.

Can I touch you?
Hugs are awesome! I may be a little WTF if I don't know you first but hey, it's a furry con. I get over it fast.

I love taking photos and forget, a lot of the time to ask permission. Please let me know if you do NOT want photos taken.

Can I hang out with you?
Sure! Eating meals together as groups etc is cool too, just ask. Seriously, I should be pretty chill at the con. Don't hesitate to ask, I can be shy and not ask the opposite, so it'd help.

How can I find you?
I'll be in the dealers den a lot of the time, my table number is 15.