Author Topic: Feedback: Fixed menu three course meal?  (Read 2990 times)

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Feedback: Fixed menu three course meal?
« on: May 31, 2014, 15:44:31 »
The Dining room seemed to get very little use during the convention, resulting to a huge crush into the Lobby Bar.

I suspect the issue was that it was a fixed menu three course meal, and while it was actually priced very well for a three course meal... I don't think a lot of people wanted a three course meal.

I do think people wanted a sit-down meal that wasn't bar food, but didn't want a starter and desert. (I was part of an expedition to the Airport to find one!)

Additionally, I think there wasn't enough signage to say "Hey, over here! This is a restaurant! There is food here!" and most of the time it looked empty and not being used so people weren't even checking the menu.

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Re: Feedback: Fixed menu three course meal?
« Reply #1 on: June 01, 2014, 12:54:15 »
On the first day I got lost on my way to the Westminster and ended up in The Boulevard (I think) which was an all you can eat restaurant £28 for 3 course meal with no Confuzzled discount. So I accidentally ended up having a very nice stir fry cooked in front of me (had a nice chat about the con with him too) but even after requesting only to pay for a single course (didn't feel like anything else), it still cost me £20!

That was a costly mistake I didn't make again! Wasn't the fault of the con or the hotel, I just didn't read the sign and assumed it was the correct restaurant as there were some other furs there (potentially making the same mistake I did).

I never did make it to the Westminster (other than for breakfast) but I hear the food was good value. I ended up eating at The Lounge most days as that's where everyone else seemed to hang out.
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